Commercial Plumbing Insurance

Commercial Plumbing Insurance

As a commercial plumbing contractor, you need to see what’s coming down the pipe. The commercial industry specialists at ALIGNED are here to help you with advice and commercial plumbing insurance coverages to help you manage your risks. We’ve put together some timely information and resources, safety tips and coverage details on how commercial plumbing insurance can protect your business and keep your company flowing.

Safe Work Practices for Commercial Plumbers

Commercial Plumbing Insurance
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The following tips were taken from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety’s Plumber page. Please visit the page for more information including working safely with sewage, personal protection, material handling and more.

Health and Safety Procedures :

  • Follow company safety rules.
  • Get training on the potential hazards at the job sites where you are assigned.
  • Learn about chemical hazards, WHMIS and SDSs.
  • Use safety data sheets (SDSs) to learn about the chemical properties, health hazards, and required personal protective equipment (PPE) that you will need.
  • Know how to report a hazard.
  • If you will be working with specific substances – such as lead, asbestos or mould – follow the required work practices for the province in which you are working.
  • Follow a recommended shift work pattern, and know the associated hazards.
  • Practice safety procedures for:

Commercial Plumbing Insurance Highlights

As commercial insurance specialists, our ALGINED team is proud to offer many products and coverages for our commercial plumbing insurance clients. Some of the highlights of this coverage include:

Liability coverage such as:

  • bodily or mental injury
  • property damage liability
  • personal and advertising injury liability
  • tenants’ property damage liability
  • voluntary medical payments
  • non-owned auto
  • legal liability for damage to rented autos

Property coverage on:

  • building(s)
  • stock and equipment located on your client’s premises
  • utility services
  • signs
  • exterior building glass

additional Property coverage extensions include:

  • building upgrades
  • environmental upgrades
  • landscaping and growing plants  
  • shrubs or flowers in the open
  • business contents away from premises and while at employee residences 
  • valuable papers
  • accounts receivable

Other recommended coverages for commercial plumbing insurance include:

Commercial Auto Insurance / Commercial Vehicle Insurance for your plumbing trucks and other work vehicles.

Boiler & Machinery Insurance / Equipment Breakdown Insurance coverage protects you from the costs of equipment failure including repair or replacement costs and other costs stemming from a malfunction or other specified perils like electrical arching, power surges etc.

Frequently asked questions about Commercial Plumbing Insurance

Proper ALIGNMENT is Key for Commercial Plumbing Insurance

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