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Professional Liability Insurance for Physiotherapists

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Proper alignment and flexibility. It’s not just what you provide your clients, it’s what you require of your professional liability insurance for physiotherapists. In this post we cover how a professional liability insurance plan for physiotherapists brokered by ALIGNED addresses liability risks when opening a new physiotherapy practice.

Professional Liability Insurance for Physiotherapists
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Professional Liability Insurance for Physiotherapists and the Risks of Running a Physiotherapy Clinic

Because of the nature of physiotherapy act and the physical state of physiotherapy patients, physiotherapists face increased liability risks that include the possibility of exacerbating injuries during rehabilitation sessions, misdiagnosing injuries and care of patients and accompanying family members’ slip-and-fall injuries on clinic property. Keep in mind that the costs to defend against these claims add up quickly whether they have merit or not.

Here are some of the highlights of professional liability insurance for physiotherapists and other key coverages necessary to manage the risks of a physiotherapy practice:

Professional Liability Insurance for Physiotherapists provides legal expense coverage including settlements and awards for damages for legal proceedings based on physiotherapy treatments.

Commercial General Liability Insurance provides legal coverage for slip-and-fall injury suits, libel/slander allegations and claims of false advertising, among others.

Property Insurance that protects building and contents including equipment, supplies, and assets in case of perils such as fires, floods, bad weather incidents, etc. Your physiotherapy practice guidelines may also require

Boiler & Machinery Insurance / Equipment Breakdown Insurance that protects your practice in case of losses due equipment failure including repair or replacement costs and other costs stemming from equipment malfunction or other specified perils like electrical arching, power surges etc..

Opening a Physiotherapist Practice? Choosing a Location & Other Considerations

If you’re opening a new private physiotherapy practice you are obviously aware of the importance of your physical location as both a convenience consideration for your patients and a visibility factor to increase foot traffic. Clinic Supplies Canada’s Clinical Solutions Blog has some great tips on choosing office location for a physiotherapy clinic in their social media post “How to Choose a Good Location for a Physiotherapy Clinicthat includes:

  • “Establish a local presence before you arrive
  • Find a location with lots of traffic and good signage
  • Be near referral sources
  • If you can afford it – buy, don’t rent
  • Know your square footage requirements
  • Live near your location
  • Plan for the unexpected”

Whether you are planning on opening a stand-alone physiotherapy clinic, are joining an existing facility or are considering a home-based practice, the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario provides a helpful checklist that all Canadian physiotherapists should consult that details all of the obligations of running a physiotherapy practice including information and resources on:

The last point is an important one. Every physiotherapy practice is unique and will have its own specific challenges and risks to consider including location, number of patients and staff, years of experience and more. It’s critical that you consult with a commercial insurance expert who has access to the top insurance providers and will advocate on your behalf for comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.

Your Goal is Proper ALIGNMENT. So is Ours

Our brokers are not only commercial insurance specialists, but we’re also advocates. We work with Canada’s top insurance companies to get your physiotherapy practice the coverage it needs at affordable rates. Get a quote online or contact us to discuss your professional liability insurance for physiotherapists coverage needs.

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