How To Protect Your Business From Extreme Weather

How To Protect Your Business From Extreme Weather

Extreme weather conditions have become the norm all over the world, including Canada. According to a report conducted by the Insurance Bureau of Canada, insured damage for severe weather events across Canada reached $2.4 billion last year. Notably, 2020 now ranks as the fourth highest in insured losses since 1983. From high winds to extreme snowstorms, it’s important to prepare for the worst as a business owner and protect your business from disruptions, financial loss and even employee injury.

How To Protect Your Business From Extreme Weather
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External reinforcements add security, but there are other best practices you should consider to protect your business from extreme weather.

4 Best Practices To Protect Your Business From Severe Weather

Know Your Risks

Knowing what kinds of risks you face for severe/extreme weather in your location will help you prepare more efficiently. Be aware of critical things you will need to have in place to continue operating your business should severe weather hit. This includes losing heat and air conditioning as well as property damage. Plan for all possible solutions to weather-related risks.

Have An Emergency Plan In Place

Staying in the loop is a great way to maintain safety during an emergency. Ensure you get notifications from your local municipality to stay updated on closures and advisories. Keep your staff updated, and have work from home resources in place in the event that staff cannot come into work. 


One important thing that should be in place are clear communication protocols during an emergency. This includes communicating with staff, keeping in touch with suppliers/vendors so they are aware of the emergency, and any pauses in deliveries that need to take place. Don’t leave your customers in the dark. Advise on any changes within the business at your earliest opportunity, using resources such as social media, your website and Google My Business. With a clear communication plan in place, things will run smoother.

Speak To Your Insurance Broker In Advance

Speaking with your ALIGNED Advocate about severe weather risks to your business will help you prepare for any potential liabilities and/or damages to your physical assets that could arise from extreme weather. For example, a customer slipping and falling on ice on your property, or property damage at your location from burst pipes from extreme cold weather etc. Your ALIGNED Advocate will help you better understand your risks and what your policy covers.

Businesses that take extreme weather seriously and prepare for these risks properly, will be able to manage setbacks and damages more efficiently, and in some cases with less financial burden. 

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