What Is Crime Insurance?

What Is Crime Insurance, And Why Do You Need It?

Employee dishonesty does not discriminate. It doesn’t matter if your Canadian business is big, medium, or small, employee fraud and theft can happen within any organization. This is why you should consider crime insurance. Without a proper policy, your business could experience substantial losses. Even with background checks, security cameras, and other systems to help detect fraud and theft, your business is still vulnerable.  

Crime insurance Canada

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What Is Crime Insurance?

Crime insurance, also known as fidelity insurance or employee dishonesty insurance, provides essential protection to organizations in the event of money, securities, or inventory theft. This form of insurance covers theft by employees, forgery as well as credit card fraud. ALIGNED Insurance delivers insurance products for Canadian businesses that want comprehensive and better coverage that will respond to a wide spectrum of criminal acts.

Why Do You Need Crime Insurance In Canada?

As a Canadian business owner, you should ensure you have proper insurance coverage for your business. Many business owners allow their employees access to company money. This is an example of why you need to consider a policy that covers crime. In many cases, businesses are targeted for crime by those who you least suspect. No company is completely immune to risks.

Crime Insurance Claims Examples:

  • Employee TheftEmployee theft is a very common occurrence in business. A crime policy covers any and all losses related to employee theft. Including losses of money, securities and other property caused by theft or forgery by an employee.
  • Forgery Coverage – An employee takes a cheque payable to you, and makes it payable to themselves. The employee deposits the cheque into their personal account. Your crime insurance policy covers the losses that result from forgery of documents and theft.
  • Premises Coverage – Any business is a target for theft or destruction by a third party who is not affiliated with their business. If someone steals, destroys money or securities on your business premises, your policy covers these losses.
  • Credit Card Fraud – When employees have access to your company credit card, it puts you at risk for credit card fraud. Example: An employee uses the company credit card to make their own personal purchases without your consent. Your insurance policy covers losses sustained from a fraud in connection with a credit card.

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