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Insurance For Companies That Provide IT Hardware Infrastructure As A Service

The hardware infrastructure as a service industry plays an important role, helping customers purchase access to managed IT infrastructures from a third-party cloud service provider. Businesses that provide hardware infrastructure as a service provide infrastructure such as hardware, servers, storage, and data center space. They can also provide networking components needed for management of assets. The job of a hardware infrastructure as a service business is important for companies across the country, giving them the tools to work securely in scalable and automated ways.

As a result, when errors occur and clients are unsatisfied with the service provided, repercussions can be costly. With ALIGNED, you’ll find the right insurance for your hardware infrastructure as a service business to protect it against liability and litigation.

Hardware Infrastructure As A Service Insurance
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Why is Hardware Infrastructure as a Service Insurance Important?

Despite precautions, accidents can happen and when they do, the expenses and settlements can be costly if third-party liability claims or litigations arise.

  • The hardware and servers you provide to other businesses suffer a cyberattack because of poor installation or maintenance.
  • A customer is unsatisfied with the services provided or ticket response that the promised services weren’t delivered as per contract.
  • A customer is unsatisfied with the advice and consultation provided or claims that the wrong hardware infrastructure was advised.

Regardless of the situation, you want to ensure your hardware infrastructure as a service business is covered if a client files any claims against you. With the right hardware infrastructure as a service insurance from ALIGNED, your business gets the right protection.

What Does Hardware Infrastructure as a Service Insurance Include?

Errors & Omissions Insurancealso known as professional liability insurance, E&O insurance covers third-party claims of errors and negligence during your services, consultation, management of hardware infrastructure, etc. For example, if a client files a claim of misconduct or states that you provided false advice, E&O insurance provides coverage for the cost of legal defence, settlements, etc. associated with a financial loss they allege was incurred as a result of your services.  It can also provide protection against slander, defamation, non-owned auto extensions etc.

Cyber Liability Insurance – cyber liability insurance is important in case the hardware, servers, and data storage centers you provide to clients suffer a cyber attack, causing the client financial loss. It can cover claims of loss from copyright, data breaches, defamation accusations, ransomware fees, breaches of client information, and more.

Commercial Property Insurance – you have office space and equipment that houses the servers, hardware, and data centers that you provide clients. Commercial property insurance covers losses and damages to the property and assets your attorney referral service uses to conduct business.

Find the Best Hardware Infrastructure as a Service Insurance with ALIGNED

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