House Sitter Agency Insurance

House sitting, often combined with pet sitting, is a fairly new and rapidly expanding profession in Canada. As the owner of a House Sitter Agency, you are at the forefront of a new niche industry. You might oversee a few to several dozen house sitters in your agency. Your clients also trust you to oversee sometimes complex home systems like pools, irrigation, home automation networks etc. They may also trust you with the family pet(s), whether its a dog, cat, bird or reptile. Regardless, you should be aware of the potential risks associated with your business.

Your clients put their homes, valuables and sometimes their pets in your hands when they are away from home. You need to ensure your house-sitting team – and your business – is covered in the event something unexpected or tragic happens.

Any member of your team, and in turn you as the House Sitter Agency owner, could be held liable if a customer’s property is damaged or other mishaps occur during the term of your house sit.

House Sitter Agency Insurance
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What are some of the risks associated with House Sitting?

  1. You could be held liable if damage occurs to the property owner’s home or belongings while your staff is house sitting. For example, your staff person ruins an expensive piece of furniture by spilling soup on it.
  2. In error, your house sitter doesn’t fully close the garage door and racoons get into the garage overnight causing significant damage to some of its contents.

What types of insurance coverage are necessary for your House Sitting Agency? 

Commercial General Liability – this is the most important coverage for your House Sitter Agency, covering bodily injury and property damage claims that result from the operation of your business. Many homeowners are likely to require that your company has this type of coverage in order to do business with you.

Commercial Auto Insurance – you require this coverage if you and your staff operate company vehicles to travel to and from house-sitting gigs.

Small Business Umbrella Liability Insurance – this is an extra layer of coverage that applies only after other liability coverage is exhausted. It covers you in the event of an unexpected or catastrophic event. This coverage acts as an extra layer of protection to give you peace of mind.

Employee Theft – this is, unfortunately, a coverage you should consider as your staff will be left unattended in clients’ homes. You have to be covered as the business owner from theft claims against your company from your customers.

Employee Practices Liability – this type of coverage protects you against employment-related claims such as discrimination, defamation or breach of contract.

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