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Does your business call Ontario home? As Canada’s second-biggest province, spanning more than 1,000,000 square kilometres, Ontario is big. To put it in perspective, the province is bigger than France and Spain combined. With a population of more than 13.5 million, 2 in 5 Canadians choose to live and work in Ontario.

With more than 85% of people living in Ontario cities, the Golden Horseshoe is where the majority call home. The densely populated GTA – Greater Toronto Area – is also the fourth largest city in North America. Of the people who move to Canada each year, 40% choose Ontario as their new home.

Ontario businesses produce 37% of the national GDP. Nearly 50% of all employees in financial services and professional industries are based in the province. After California and Texas, Ontario is home to the highest number of manufacturing employees in Canada as well as the United States. In addition to manufacturing, the services sector makes up most of Ontario’s economy. Its primary services include business and financial services, professional and scientific-technical services, as well as arts and culture.

If your business is based in whole or part in Ontario, you need business insurance in Ontario that meets the specific needs of your organization. In other words, you need business insurance coverage that directly aligns with the specific risks and exposures you face. This is where we can help.

What makes business insurance so essential?

Worst-case scenarios happen. And they happen when you least expect it. Business insurance offers protection from a range of potential liabilities that your commercial operations face every day. Some of these risk exposures may be obvious, some may not.

For instance, a liability situation may lead to a lawsuit or legal action against your company. That’s why it’s important to get the best business insurance lined up for your Ontario business. When a worst case scenario happens, your bottom line will be protected.

In other words, the majority of Ontario businesses require some form of commercial insurance to manage risk exposures. There are many reasons why working with an insurance brokerage that focusses on business insurance only is of value. First and foremost, because we specialize in business insurance, ALIGNED Insurance brokers know what business insurance in Ontario options will work best for your specific commercial risks.

Secondly, here’s a few examples of common liability situations:

  • Someone enters a retail store, slips on a mat and breaks their wrist.
  • The new toilet that the plumber installs leaks and damages the contents of business that operates directly below yours.
  • While renovating a business property, a contractor accidentally damages the neighbouring property.

Commonly referred to as CGL, commercial general liability insurance protects against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage related to your premises, operations, products and completed operations. CGL also protects against advertising and personal injury liability. You can learn more about commercial general liability and how it delivers specific business insurance liability protection here.

Types of Ontario business insurance to consider

Risk management 101. There are multiple types of liability insurance for businesses operating in Ontario. Your operations, the clients you work with as well as provincial and federal regulations that impact your sector may all contribute to the specific risk exposures your business faces.

Here are a few common types of business insurance to consider:

  • Professional liability insurance: Coverage for negligence involving professional errors that negatively affect your client and/or result in a financial loss.
  • Product liability insurance: Coverage for the negligence involving defective products or products that cause harm to others.
  • Cyber liability insurance: Coverage related to liability from a privacy and/or data breach, cyber extortion including ransomware, lost revenue from malware, etc.
  • Tenants legal liability insurance: Coverage for property damage that occurs in your rented or leased property.
  • General liability insurance: Coverage for damages and claims stemming from accidents or injuries on your property. Best known as commercial general liability or CGL, this is the most common type of business insurance.

Depending on how your business works and the legalities in place, business insurance not only protects you and your business, but also your staff, your customers, and your clients. Whether you are in business as a construction sector contractor, as a professional, or provide technical services, having the best coverage for your business is important. Get peace of mind when you know your business insurance is aligned to address your unique risk exposures.

Who are we?

ALIGNED Insurance has locations in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver and a national operations headquarters in Cambridge, Ontario. We are one of the fastest-growing insurance brokerages in Canada and proud to serve more than 1,600 clients across the country. Each day, ALIGNED Insurance brokers support our clients by aligning the best types of insurance coverages to meet our clients’ needs.

We offer a broad range of Canadian commercial insurance products, including boiler and machinery, crime insurance, office insurance and many more. We also deliver many small business insurance products such as credit insurance and employee theft insurance, to name just a few.

How ALIGNED Insurance will meet your needs 

Canadian business leaders choose ALIGNED Insurance for multiple reasons. Here are just a few:

  • We offer a fee-for-service option. Unlike typical brokers, we work on a fee-for-service model. Every day, we get Canadian businesses aligned with the best coverage options. And it’s why we have a 0% commission / fee option.
  • Our service guarantee. Each year, every ALIGNED client works with their Advocate to select a specific deliverable and date for completion. If we don’t achieve our agreed-upon goal, a portion of your fee is returned to you.
  • We focus only on business insurance. We exclusively deliver insurance to Canadian businesses. Our commercial insurance knowledge, products, services and support for business in Ontario and elsewhere across Canada is focused and unique.
  • Priority claims response. When your insured Ontario business has a claim, you can expect a priority response. We partner with WINMAR® and ensure that all ALIGNED clients get priority response when they need it the most. A speedy response reduces claim costs and enables your business to get back up and running as soon as possible.
  • No sales people. The ALIGNED Advocate that you initially deal with will always be accessible to you and part of your service team.

ALIGNED business insurance experts work with each client to understand individual risks and line up the best possible coverage solutions. We work hard to give our customers across Canada both peace of mind as well as protection from commercial risk exposures. Our team will work with you to understand the details of your business and unique circumstances.

To sum up, here’s how to contact us now

Business insurance is essential for any growing business in Ontario. It protects you during unforeseeable events and can help ensure that your business continues to operate. At ALIGNED Insurance, we can work with you to find the best business insurance that fits your needs in the province of Ontario as well as across Canada.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact an ALIGNED Insurance broker today.

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