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Summer is always too short in Canada and it’s great to see so many making recharging and relaxing a priority in advance of what’s sure to be a busy fall season!  In support of this…we’ll keep this short!!

You’ve likely noticed that we’ve significantly strengthened our team to meet the growing demand for our business insurance expertise. We are humbled and honoured as we continue to add new clients daily and are currently supporting thousands of clients across Canada!

I’m also happy to advise that we just doubled our suite of business insurance products that you can buy 100% online! Using a simple online form, you can now get a quote and buy any of the following products fully online right now!

Our 100% online products are yet another way we’re 100% ALIGNED in helping you get better business insurance – where and when you need it! And don’t forget we’re always here to help! Reach any of us using our dedicated toll-free numbers

Last, but certainly not least, due to popular demand, we’ve extended the nomination window for our 2021 GIVING GENEROUSLY campaign to September 10th! If you are an ALIGNED client, please email your Advocate to nominate a charity for our $5,000 donation now. You can also email your nomination to assistants@alignedinsurance.com 

As always, here are some insights that I hope you will find both useful and interesting.

A. Welcoming Assistant Advocate Jacquee Shukys!
B. Attention CLIENTS! Have you nominated a charity for our $5,000 GIVING GENEROUSLY donation yet? Click HERE to nominate NOW!
C. How CGL is designed to help when things slip up​.
D. Insurance 101: the REAL difference between deductibles & self insured retention
E. Why Amanda Gosse selected Emma House for a Giving Frequently donation
F. Machinery Breakdown Coverage – what it is & how it works

As Canadians savour this summer, know that we are always here to help. Call me, your Advocate directly or TEAM ALIGNED toll-free at  1-866-287-0448   if you have any insurance questions, concerns or want to learn more about the many benefits of having ALIGNED as your insurance broker. 


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[e-news] ALIGNMENT Matters | issue 54 | in depth

ALIGNMENT MATTERS #54 e-news You've earned this summer! - ALIGNED Insurance brokers

AM 54 - Online Insurance Products - ALIGNED Insurance brokers
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About Us | Why Jacquee Shukys is proud to be an ALIGNED Assistant Advocate

AM 54 - We welcome Jacquee Shukys - ALIGNED Insurance brokers
Jacquee Shukys is an ALIGNED Assistant Advocate. Learn more about Jacquee here.

We’re different. That is to say, our exclusive focus on business insurance sets us apart. Certainly, being different is just one of the many reasons why Canadian insurance professionals decide to join the ALIGNED team.

Jacquee Shukys recently joined our growing team. Jacquee is an Assistant Advocate and reports to SVP & Team Leader Darcy Franko-Felice. She works closely with ALIGNED colleagues across Canada. In her own words, here’s what Jacquee has to say about ALIGNED. 

“I believe the most important thing that we provide to clients is peace of mind. Clients need to know that if a claims situation happens, they will be protected and they will be able to return to “business as usual” before the incident occurred.”  Keep reading…

Nominate a charity for our $5,000 GIVING GENEROUSLY 2021 donation now!

AM 54 - Giving Generously SEPT 10 nomination deadline - ALIGNED Insurance brokers
Need coverage now?
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We invite all ALIGNED clients to email their Advocate with the name of their nominated charity NOW for our 2021 GIVING GENEROUSLY $5,000 donation!

The ongoing health, economic and social impact of COVID-19 continues to challenge the sustainability of many charities. Now more than ever, Canadian charities need our support.

If you are an ALIGNED client, please email your Advocate  to nominate a charity for our GIVING GENEROUSLY 2021 donation. You can also email your nomination to  assistants@alignedinsurance.com

Kindly also note that non-profits and charities  that are ALIGNED clients are also more than welcome to nominate themselves for the 2021 GIVING GENEROUSLY donation.

We’re accepting charity nominations only until September 10…so act now and nominate your favourite charity today!

Learn more about GIVING GENEROUSLY here.

Coverage 101 | What is CGL aka Commercial General Liability Insurance?

AM 54 - Commercial General Liability - ALIGNED Insurance brokers

What types of coverage can Commercial General Liability insurance include?Find out here

Commercial General Liability Insurance is a standard insurance policy issued to businesses & organizations to protect them against liability claims for bodily injury (BI) and property damage (PD) arising out of premises, operations, products, and completed operations; and advertising and personal injury (PI) liability. The CGL policy was introduced in 1986 and is often also referred to as a “comprehensive” general liability policy.

Common law, which applies in all provinces in Canada except Quebec (where they operate under Civil Law) has established that business owners owe a duty of care to the public regardless of the type of business they operate. Unfortunately, accidents happen and injured people or parties may allege the following three things:

  1. A duty of care was owed
  2. That duty of care was breached
  3. Damages and/or injuries were incurred

When the above the conditions are met people, parties and or their lawyers will often allege that a business has been negligent and that the business is responsible for compensating them for their damages. Keep reading…

Wondering what’s the difference between a deductible and self insured retention?

AM 54 - Deductible vs Self Insured Retention - ALIGNED Insurance brokers
Want insurance? Get your ALIGNED
quote started now!

People often ask us questions about their business insurance and one of the more common one’s is what’s the difference between a deductible and a self insured retention

Before we answer this question we just wanted to explain why deductibles and self insured retentions exist in the first place as nearly all insurance policies include one or the other. Insurance policies are intended to put the policy holder back in the position they were prior to a loss, but nearly every business insurance policy will include some method to ensure the insured participates in the loss.

Some of the reasons why insurance companies impose a deductible or self insured retention

  • Discourages insured’s from submitting claims
  • Limits or reduces the amount the insurer has to pay for each claim
  • Eliminates the reporting of small claims
  • Forces the insured to have some skin in the game
  • Keep reading…

So…what’s the difference between a deductible and a self insured retention? Find out here!

AM 54 - Machinery Breakdown Coverage - ALIGNED Insurance brokers
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Machinery Breakdown Coverage – what you need to know

Think about the impact on your business if your equipment fails

Immediately, your operations are interrupted. How will you deliver your orders? If you don’t have backup equipment, you may need to find alternate facilities or rent equipment, which will increase your costs. What if customers can’t wait? Orders may be cancelled, which means you will suffer loss of revenue, and possible damage to your reputation. Personal injury could also result.

A typical commercial property policy does not cover loss or damage caused by:

  • Electrical arcing
  • Mechanical breakdown, and
  • Explosion of boilers and pressure vessels

This is why machinery breakdown coverage covers the sudden and accidental, physical damage to equipment that requires its repair or replacement. It applies to equipment in the following categories: Keep reading…

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Giving Frequently – Our people helping charities and the story of Emma House

AM 54 - Giving Frequently our donation to Emily House - Emily Maternity House Society - ALIGNED Insurance brokers
Amanda Gosse is an Assistant Advocates. Learn why she selected Emma House for a donation here

We know that improving lives and advancing causes is what drives Canadian charities and non-profits. Connecting people to community, educational, environmental, food, healthcare and social programs is at the heart of what the not-for-profit sector does. 

We also understand how deeply charities and non-profits resonate with people. This is why, each month, one of us selects a charity or non-profit organization that we are passionate about. And then we, as an organization, donate to that organization.

This month, Assistant Advocate Amanda Gosse selected Emma House (Emma Maternity House Society) for an ALIGNED Insurance Giving Frequently donation.

“Emma House is a safe place that provides housing and support for pregnant women and youth experiencing homelessness. I think this charity is important because it’s a demographic that not many people think of when they think of homelessness. Often one of the most vulnerable times in a woman’s life is when she is pregnant, to have a safe and supportive place to go during that time is of the utmost importance.”

Keep reading…

Learn about the dozens of charities we’ve supported as part of our Social Responsibility program.

ICYMI - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

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The New York Times – Top 24 summer book reads

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