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Aluminum Supplier Insurance

Aluminum Supplier Insurance
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As a supplier of aluminum, you are at the centre of a high-demand industry. You might be involved with the fabrication, production and installation of aluminum products for your customers, who may range from builders to aerospace companies. 

As you know, this product is contained within a wide variety of consumer goods and the consumption and demand for this metal is not likely to decrease in the coming years. Your main goal should be focused on your customers and accommodating their needs in a timely way.  How can you protect your successful aluminum supply company from any risks associated with your operation? 

Why is Aluminum Supply Insurance necessary?

Aluminum Supplier Insurance
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As a supplier of aluminum, you take on risk at each stage of the process in getting your product to your customer. From the first point of production to the final installation stage, you are dealing with a potentially risky material and often changing its form to suit your customers’ needs. Even though you and your team are specialists in this field, it’s difficult to be prepared for every possible scenario. 

What type of insurance do you need?

As a supplier of aluminum, you should consider Commercial General Liability Insurance to cover liability claims for property damage or bodily injury incurred to third parties as a result of your operations. This coverage can apply to your premises, operations and products, as well as completed installations and advertising. 

If you are shipping or transporting your aluminum product, you should also consider Auto Insurance to cover both you and your staff in the event of an accident or other claim situation. 

Property Insurance is also a consideration to cover your premises, either a shop or retail location, against the unexpected. This could include anything from fire, extreme weather causing damage to a third-party causing damage like vandalism to your shop or store. 

Other coverages that are useful for your Aluminum Supply business are Commercial Liability Umbrella Insurance coverage, which kicks in when your primary Commercial General Liability coverage is exhausted. This is especially true for businesses making products that could make them liable for large settlements, such as aluminum products used in construction or large projects. Most businesses should also consider Cyber Liability Insurance to protect against data breaches or malicious cyber attacks. By protecting your company’s information, you are keeping your business secure. 

What types of claim scenarios could you be facing?

As an aluminum supplier, you could be facing a variety of different liability scenarios.

  • You produce a series of aluminum railings for a builder for an apartment building and someone sues the contractor after installation for injuries they incurred from the product. 
  • Your employee is driving to deliver a finished aluminum product to a customer and is hit by another driver. 
  • Your factory floor is flooded during a rainstorm and product and equipment is damaged. 

As an aluminum supplier, you have the expertise and ingenuity to deliver a sought-after product to your marketplace. Let ALIGNED Insurance cover you for the unexpected and take the worry out of running your aluminum business. 

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