Intact Standalone Equipment Breakdown Insurance Coverage

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Intact Standalone Equipment Breakdown Insurance Coverage 

From small retail stores to large manufacturing plants, there is an equipment breakdown exposure at virtually every type of business. All businesses use some form of electrical, mechanical, pressure or electronic equipment as part of their regular operations.Who Needs Intact Standalone Equipment Breakdown Insurance Coverage?

Intact Standalone Equipment Breakdown Insurance Coverage Highlights

Intact Standalone Equipment Breakdown Insurance Coverage can include:

  • Broad coverages that can be tailored to any manufacturing, commercial or industrial risk
  • Limits up to $250 million
  • Coverage for all electronic equipment &/or machinery
  • Coverage for environmental certification for repair or replacement of damaged equipment, as well as for removal, disposal or recycling of damaged property in a more environmentally-friendly manner
  • Environmental upgrade sub-limit up to $250,000 for more energy-efficient equipment

Intact Standalone Equipment Breakdown Insurance Coverage Real Canadian Claims Example

Apartment building: An apartment complex electrical supply bus burned out, severely damaging electrical wire and cables. As a result of the damage, tenants had to be relocated and extensive rewiring was required. Insured losses included direct damages of $132,950 and extra expenses of $85,756.

Intact Standalone Equipment Breakdown Insurance Coverage Target Classes

Any commercial risk with a total insured value at any one location of less than $250 million including, but not limited to the following could be a good fit for Intact Standalone Equipment Breakdown Insurance Coverage:
• Manufacturing and processing plants
• Machine shops
• Greenhouses
• Schools
• Cold storage plants
• Dry cleaners
• Printers
• Realty risks (building ownership)
• Retail operations (clothing stores, grocery stores, etc.)
• Auto repair
• Wineries and microbreweries
• Golf courses
• Warehouses
• Bakeries
• Sawmills
• and many others

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