Butcher Shop Insurance 

Beloved by Canadians, butcher shops are a mainstay in many small and large communities across the country. As a specialty business that caters primarily to the meat-eating segment of the population (still the majority), your butcher shop provides an essential…and delicious service!

Butcher Shop Insurance
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You likely get your meat directly from slaughterhouses, farmers, or other wholesalers and your customers rely on you to process, weigh, and package meat and other specialty products for sale, either to individuals or restaurants. Regardless of the scope of your operation, you are undoubtedly extremely busy with little time to worry about insuring your small business or the many of the other things associated with running a business.

What Insurance is necessary for your Butcher Shop?

Butcher shops have unique exposures that you need to consider when purchasing insurance coverage for your operations and risk. As the owner, you are the person in charge of your business, and it’s ultimately up to you to make sure it is protected if something goes wrong.

However, our ALIGNED Advocates are business insurance experts can assist in building your insurance coverage package according to your individual retail business’ needs, preferences and budget. Here are some elements your insurance coverage should include to protect your butcher shop:

Property Insurance – if you own the building where your Butcher Shop is located, you need to insure it against extreme events like floodings and fires. The contents within the building also needs protection, such as equipment and stock. That’s where Small Business Property Insurance comes in to help repair or replace damage or destroyed property. 

Small Business General Liability – this is a necessary coverage for any small business that protects against any incidents. Mishaps like slip and fall accidents fall under this category. 

Boiler and Machinery Insurance – this type of coverage is essential for a Butcher Shop. If any of your refrigeration machinery goes down, it can mean serious consequences for your business. Protect yourself against the ripple effects of a breakdown due to specific perils like electrical surges with this coverage. 

Product Recall Insurance – a Butcher Shop relies on the quality of its products and it’s reputation. A products that are part of a CFIA recall could wreak havoc on your  operations and profitability. 

Small Business Auto Insurance – if your Butcher Shop does deliveries to customers, or has it’s own refrigerated van, cube van etc. to transport goods,  run errands etc. commercial auto insurance is needed. 

When do Butcher Shops need Insurance? 

A couple of possible scenarios that would need your Butcher Shop to have insurance include:

  • A small fire in the fan compartment of one of your coolers goes undetected until the product starts to spoil several hours later. Two weeks of stock is now unusable.
  • You are shipped several contaminated sides of beef that are broken up and packaged into several different products at your shop. When the product is recalled, you have to go through a long list of customers to alert them and offer refunds. The cost to you is high, and you also have to replace the stock. 
  • A customer slips and falls in the aisle at your store

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