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The Boiler And Machinery Insurance Definition Of The Day Is: Object

The object is Boiler And Machinery Insurance Definition Of The Day:

Definition: Object is A boiler and machinery (B&M) or machinery/equipment breakdown insurance term for equipment or machinery. Boiler and machinery (B&M) or machinery/equipment breakdown insurance coverage applies to loss or damage resulting from an accident (such as a breakdown or explosion) to a covered object. An example of an object that could be covered under a boiler and machinery (BM) or machinery/equipment breakdown insurance policy could be a rooftop HVAC unit, manufacturing equipment, pressure vessel or an actual boiler.

Some additional benefits of  purchasing boiler and machinery (BM) or equipment/machinery breakdown insurance are:

  • Encourages Preventative Maintenance Evaluations to help you to develop instructions and pre-defined logs listing timelines and recommend actions to properly maintain boilers, air conditioners and other critical equipment.
  • Jurisdictional & Province Required Inspections of boilers and pressure vessels can be conducted by insurance company inspectors to comply with provincial and jurisdictional regulations.
  • Accident Investigations are conducted by experts within 24 hours of notification of loss to help you resume the operation of your business, review loss causes and recommend ways to reduce recurrence and mitigate the cost of loss.
  • Physical Surveys can be conducted on your machinery and equipment to evaluate your exposures. Where identified, insurers will develop recommendations to help you reduce the likelihood of downtime and loss.
  • Infrared Thermography is used in the inspection of mechanical and electrical equipment for “hot spots” such as loose connections, faulty insulation and dust accumulation – that if left unattended can lead to electrical fires which could cause much greater damage to your operations.

To learn more about the difference between property insurance and boiler and machinery (BM) or machinery/equipment breakdown insurance and what could be considered a covered object, and therefore insurable, speak to an ALIGNED Insurance Advocate today.

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