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Agrochemicals Supplier Insurance

Agrochemicals Supplier Insurance
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As an agrochemicals supplier, you know the importance of your role to farmers and their livelihood. You also know the risks associated with agrochemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers. You manage the challenges between producing, packaging, distributing, and selling agrochemicals that are effective for farmers and safe for consumers. You also manage the pollution effects of supplying agrochemicals.

If you aren’t careful, there could be huge damages and financial losses resulting from liability and lawsuits. But you can’t always control what happens. Whether you are an independent agrochemicals distributor or supply a network of farmers, purchasing agrochemicals supplier insurance from ALIGNED is important to protect your business against the risks of doing business.

Why is Agrochemicals Supplier Insurance Important?

Agrochemicals Supplier Insurance
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Agrochemical suppliers have to develop, manufacture, and supply agrochemicals that help farmers grow their crops. Since these agrochemicals are used on the products that individuals and families eventually consume, the damages are high if anything goes wrong.

  • Agrochemicals can seep into the surrounding land and water, which can cause pollution and illnesses.
  • Excessive use or improper mixing and/or application of agrochemicals can cause quality-reduction in agricultural products.
  • Consumers can get sick because of the agrochemicals used on the products.
  • There can be site contaminations, spills, air pollution, etc., during the manufacturing and distribution process of agrochemicals.

Having custom agrochemicals supplier insurance can help you avoid costly financial losses and damages to your business and commercial assets.

What Does Agrochemicals Insurance Include?

Commercial General Liability Insurance – protects your business against lawsuits and liability alleging property damage, false advertising, injuries, libel, slander, etc., arising from the premises, operations, products, and completed operations of your business.

Pollution Liability Insurance – there are pollution risks to the surrounding land, water systems, and air which cause injuries and property damage. Pollution liability insurance protects your business from liability, lawsuit, and cleanup costs for on-site and off-site pollution cases.

Product Recall Insurance -harmful or defective agrochemical products can cause health risks. Product recall insurance protects you against financial losses for product recalls, such as lost profit, recall expenses, and replacement costs.

Directors & Officers Insurance – protects the decision-makers of the agrochemicals supplier from claims of wrongful acts.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance – the process of manufacturing and distributing agrochemicals to farmers relies on special equipment and machinery which can malfunction at any time. Equipment breakdown insurance covers the costs of equipment breakdowns resulting from insured perils.

Property Insurance – protects your equipment, inventory, supplies, manufacturing plant, etc., against fires, thefts, and other specified perils.

Supply Your Business with the Perfect Agrochemicals Supplier Insurance

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