Intact insurance Calgary

Intact insurance Calgary - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Need Intact insurance for a Calgary business? We can help… Location, location, location. The same mantra applies whether you’re looking to buy a house, find a small business retail location or buying insurance. Brand name recognition. More often than not, a name you recognize is one that you either trust or consider trustworthy. That’s why […]

Why is my insurance increasing?

Why Is My Insurance Increasing? - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Why does my insurance always seem to increase? We hear this question a lot. Cost always matters and that’s why business owners, CFO’s and controllers alike are always asking us “Will my insurance increase this year?”. The answer is it depends.  Like any product or service, insurance pricing is always subject to change. There are […]

Insurance For Professionals

Insurance For Professionals - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

So who really needs professional liability insurance? Chances are, you do. If your work involves professional consulting, you know that people seek our your expert advice. No one is perfect 100% of the time. With professional liability insurance you can add peace-of-mind to your business assets. Things can and do go wrong. That’s why Canadian […]

Why should I buy cyber insurance for my business?

Why Should I Buy Cyber Insurance For My Business? - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

The risks are real. How cyber attacks can create havoc for your business or non-profit… Not fake news. Cyber risks are real. And growing. And no Canadian business is immune to cyber risk exposures. The reality is… Nearly one in five (18%) businesses recently polled by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) confirmed they’ve been […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Directors Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions About Directors Insurance - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Insurance insights | FAQs about directors coverage aka D&O Manage a Canadian board? Whether you are looking to attract or retain board members, it’s important to provide the best directors’ insurance. Non-profits are seeing an influx of generation X board members. Quality coverage matters. Board members want to know that the organization they volunteer with […]

10 things to know when buying business insurance

10 things to know when buying business insurance - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Top 10 | What to know when buying business insurance Ten things to know about commercial coverage ONE. Basic Information. Regardless of what organization you buy insurance from, you’ll be asked to provide some basic information. You’ll need to gather some details about you and your business. Things such as your telephone number, mailing and […]

Best insurance companies Canada | Glass dealers & installers

Insurance For Glass Dealers And Installers In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Glass dealers and installers coverage – get it here, now. What’s the R-value of triple-pane windows? With climate change on everyone’s minds, this is likely a question you are hearing more frequently from home builders, renovators and owners. You may also be hearing it from architects and condo property management companies. Customers want precisely fit […]

Business Insurance Quotes

Business Insurance Quotes - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Wondering how much is insurance for a small business? You are not alone. Price matters. Just like any other product or service, when you buy commercial insurance you want to know that you are getting good value for your dollar. You also want to know that when a worst-case scenario happens, your business insurance will […]

Get insurance for a bed and breakfast

Insurance for a bed and breakfast - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Need insurance for a bed and breakfast? Read this. A good night’s sleep. That’s what you offer your clients and it’s what you expect from your insurance coverage. It’s also why insurance for a bed and breakfast is a specialized product. As an owner / operator in the hospitality industry, you face specific risks in […]

Insurance For Cannabis Clinical Trials

Insurance For Cannabis Clinical Trials - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Insuring cannabis clinical trials – a how to guide Risk goes hand-in-hand with growth potential. Cannabis operations, including cannabis clinical trials, require specialized coverage. And because the cannabis industry is so new and products are subject to specific regulations, insuring a clinical trial requires expert guidance. Not every insurance company is open to cannabis exposures […]

Buy ATE insurance in Canada

Can I Buy ATE Insurance In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

What ATE insurance can anticipate and deliver… “The best defense is a good offense.” It’s a familiar adage that sports coaches, CEOs and military leaders alike often use to inspire people. It’s also a strategy that a chess player may use to outwit their opponent. In the legal profession, taking a 360-degree perspective on behalf […]

Insurance careers in Canada

Insurance Careers In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Building your insurance career? Here’s why ALIGNED should be your top pick. We’re different. It’s a point of pride for every ALIGNED insurance broker and advocate. And it’s because our founder, president & CEO Andrew Clark wants to deliver different kind insurance broker experience to Canadian business. Andrew grew up with a strong desire to […]