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Need Insurance for a Bed and Breakfast? Read This.

A good night’s sleep. That’s what you offer your clients and what you expect from your bed and breakfast insurance coverage. It’s also why insurance for a bed and breakfast business is a specialized product.

As an owner/operator in the hospitality industry, you face specific risks in your B&B. Across Canada, bed and breakfasts are popping up everywhere. Creative entrepreneurs are adapting properties and delivering unique experiences to adventure-seeking millennials, comfort-craving boomers and everyone in between.

In fact, the first guests at a new B&B in Alberta rang in 2020 and woke up in a castle. Ryans Castle is 40 km from Edmonton, Alberta and is flooded with reservations. Serving Sunday afternoon tea “Downton Abbey” style and with just one room going for $995 a night, it’s clear that this bed and breakfast has found a perfect niche market.1

With every exciting new venture comes risks. Thankfully, there’s now an insurance policy specifically designed to meet the unique exposures faced by bed and breakfast owners.

The hidden hospitality risks B&Bs face…

You may not be aware that the majority of insurance policies for bed and breakfasts today are little more than modified homeowners policies. This means that they may not contain the specific commercial property extensions you need to ensure adequate coverage for your hospitality operations.

One such coverage that you should be aware of is Innkeepers Liability. This essential liability coverage may not be part of your current B&B policy.

Our brokers understand the bed and breakfast industry across Canada and that’s why we’re proud to partner with 70+ top insurance companies like Totten Group to offer unique products and services.

Totten Group’s Bed & Breakfast package policy is one of the best insurance options as it’s specifically designed to include commercial property extensions, innkeepers’ liability, and much more.

Questions about insurance for a bed and breakfast? We’re happy to help.

Our team of experienced brokers are small business insurance experts. We know the common and unexpected factors and risks that hospitality business owners face. So, if you’re a bed and breakfast owner looking for insurance, or you are about to launch a new bed and breakfast company, we can help you find the best property and liability insurance for the specific risks you face.

The specifics: Bed & breakfast coverage highlights…

Here’s what you can access with the new package policy that Totten Group has specially designed for Canadian bed and breakfast businesses:

Property – B&B

  • Broad Form Homeowners, including Replacement Cost
    • Business Interruption $10,000 Actual Loss Sustained
    • Extension Endorsement
      • Accounts Receivable – Limit $2,500
      • Exhibition Floater – Limit $2,500
      • Professional Fees – Limit $2,500
      • Outdoor Signs – Limit $2,500

Liability – B&B

  • Commercial General $1,000,000
    • Occurrence form
    • Non-Owned Auto
  • Comprehensive Personal $1,000,000
  • Innkeepers – $500 per guest / $2,500 per occurrence*

*Source: Totten Group: Bed & Breakfast Product Information Sheet

1 Source: CTV News (and video)

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