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Building your insurance career? Here’s why ALIGNED should be your top pick.

We’re different. It’s a point of pride for every ALIGNED insurance broker and advocate. And it’s because our founder, president & CEO Andrew Clark wants to deliver different kind insurance broker experience to Canadian business.

Andrew grew up with a strong desire to help others and his life changed forever in July 2001. He was in a serious automobile accident for which he was at fault. Shortly after the accident, Andrew received a Statement of Claim in the amount of $2,200,000.

As a 21-year-old university student, he had an incredible sense of remorse and responsibility for the injuries and damage he causes. In what still feels like a miracle to him, Andrew’s insurance broker and insurance company made certain those involved received compensation for the injuries they incurred and repaired Andrew’s truck.

Andrew is just one example of how we deliver a different insurance experience to Canadian businesses. In fact, insurance decision makers across the country choose ALIGNED for all of their business insurance needs for 18 great reasons.

ALIGNED Insurance - Insurance Careers in Canada - Andrew Clark
ALIGNED Insurance
President, CEO & Founder Andrew Clark

And the opportunity to build a rewarding career in insurance is attracting young professionals to join us. Sydni Felice earned her CAIB – Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker – designation after joining ALIGNED a few years ago. When she started, she shared a few thoughts about what drew her to choose ALIGNED.

ALIGNED Insurance - Insurance Careers in Canada - Sydni Felice
ALIGNED Insurance broker Sydni Felice

“It’s exciting to join a young, successful company that boasts many career opportunities – ALIGNED clearly values employees and their education.”


A career that connects people to community.

Social responsibility. It’s yet another reason why people choose to build their careers at ALIGNED.

We believe that it’s a privilege to handle our clients’ insurance needs. And that it’s our social responsibility to help others. Here’s how we connect people to community.

We lead by example. Two days each year, ALIGNED team members volunteer with organizations that they are passionate about helping.

We Give Generously. Each year, a portion of ALIGNED’s profits are donated to a registered Canadian Charity that our clients choose. Learn more about our Give Generously campaign and how you can get involved.

We deliver consistent support. We encourage and support growth and development by building our “team” of children we sponsor through World Vision around the world like Brenda.

We give frequently. Each month, an ALIGNED colleague selects a charity or not for profit organization they’re passionate about. ALIGNED donates to that organization.

Learn more about some of the non-profits we’ve supported.

Start or build your insurance career at ALIGNED. Join our team!

There are 18+ reasons why you might want to join the ALIGNED Insurance team and become a commercial insurance broker.

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