Understanding P&I insurance in Canada

Understanding P&I Insurance In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

What to know about P&I insurance options in Canada A tsunami. It strikes fear in the heart of any shipowner or business that faces maritime risks. This is why the best marine insurance coverage options are designed to help you stay afloat when worse-case scenarios happen. This P&I aka Protection and Indemnity liability coverage explainer contains […]

Extended reporting period in Canada?

Extended Reporting Period In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

How long is my extended reporting period? How long is too long? If you experience a claims situation one of the first things on your mind may well be how does an extended reporting period impact my coverage?  It’s notable that Professional Liability, Errors & Omissions, Directors & Officers and/or other insurance policies that are written on […]

Find a Commercial Insurance Broker in Canada

Commercial Insurance Broker Canada

Choice. Value. Expertise. 3 things you should expect from your commercial insurance broker… ALIGNMENT matters. It’s why proudly deliver a different commercial insurance experience to each and every one of our 1,600+ business insurance clients across Canada. It’s also why we’re proud to align better choices, more value and exceptional commercial expertise with every client […]

How does claims made insurance work in Canada?

How Does Claims Made Insurance Work in Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

How does a claims-made insurance policy work? Triggered by a claim. This is essentially how the IRMI – the International Risk Management Institute – defines claims-made policies in its glossary of insurance terms. This is also a type of coverage we’re being asked about. Claims-made policies may be an opportunity for your Canadian business. Here’s […]

Is builders risk required in Canada?

Is Builders Risk Required In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Builders risk – what’s required? Construction risks happen. And that’s why there’s a specific product built to meet on the job risks. Builders risk insurance Canada is designed to cover property during the construction period. This period can include renovation and repair. Builders risk coverage is typically is purchased by either property owners or general contractors. DYK? […]

Cannabis Insurance in Canada

Cannabis Insurance In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

How To Buy Your Cannabis Retailers Insurance Choice. Options. Value. Ontario cannabis retailers are excited about growth opportunities. With the provincial cap on retail cannabis stores lifted, licensed producers are able to sell products to bigger audiences. If you are in the market for cannabis insurance you know it’s not the easiest to secure. Not […]

Insurance deductible vs self insured retention

Insurance Deductible Vs Self Insured Retention - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

The lowdown on a deductible vs self insured retention… Knowledge is power. That’s why we’re continually bringing new and useful insurance insights to commercial insurance buyers through our blog. Featuring 1,000+ insights, we’re constantly adding content. Insurance insights like this article are just one way we’re delivering a different and better experience. People often ask […]

Insurance Broker Near Me

Insurance Broker Near Me - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

An insurance broker who understands Canadian business…exclusively… 5 star Google reviews. These are what inspire us to keep delivering a different kind of insurance experience. Each review tells us that our focus on commercial insurance is setting a new standard across Canada. Here are just a few comments that real people made on Google about […]

Insurance companies in Canada

Insurance Companies In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Do you deal with Canada’s top commercial insurance companies? We hear this question a lot. And we’re proud to answer “Yes, yes we do!” Property and casualty insurance companies in Canada are always evolving. This is why we’re constantly assessing the market and working to bring our clients the best possible options. Right now, on […]

Why is my insurance going up?

Why Is My Insurance Going Up? - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Is it normal for my commercial insurance to go up? It all depends… Inevitably, coverage costs rise and fall. There are many reasons why. Some of which you may be able to control and some of which you simply can’t. This is why when you’re renewing or changing your insurance in any way, it’s important […]

Insurance near me

Commercial Insurance near me - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Googling ‘insurance near me’? How to get local insurance now. Local matters. And if you’re searching for commercial insurance nearby, you’ve landed on the right page. Across Canada, our brokers are experts at aligning commercial coverage that precisely fits the exposures and risks a business faces, day in and day out. Specifically, we’re known for: […]

Why are insurance rates increasing?

Why Are Insurance Rates Increasing? - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Why are insurance rates increasing? Inflation trends, robotics and automation, capacity changes.1 These are just some reasons for commercial insurance rate increases cited by industry leaders in a recent Insurance Business Canada article. In fact: “The Canadian commercial lines insurance market is hardening. Carriers are pushing for more rate, they’re tightening their policy terms and […]