ALIGNMENT Matters Issue 18

ALIGNMENT Matters issue 22 ALIGNED Insurance

More Insurance Options…  ALIGNMENT Matters issue 18 – THANK YOU!  Whether it’s an open, click, like, comment, view of our website, a chat, a conversation, meeting, reference, referral or binding instructions I would like to say thank you on behalf of the entire team at ALIGNED. ALIGNED was uniquely and intentionally built to give clients more value […]

Ontario Winter Tire Discount Now In Effect

How Do I Get An Ontario Winter Tire Discount?

Ontario Winter Tire Discount Now In Effect  Looking for an ALIGNED insurance quote? Call us toll free at 1-866-287-0448 &/or visit our  Get A Quote page.  Winter is here. Whether you drive a corporate car for work or commute in your personal vehicle, knowing that your vehicle is prepared for snow and ice is important. For […]

ALIGNED Helps The Shoebox Project

ALIGNED Helps The Shoebox Project

ALIGNED Advocates Help Stock The Shoebox Project ALIGNED colleagues recently spent an afternoon wrapping a number of festive shoe boxes for The Shoebox Project for Shelters. With more than 45 chapters, this organization, “collects and distributes gifts in the form of Shoeboxes to women who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness in communities across Canada and the U.S. Each Shoebox is filled […]

Individually Rated Commercial Auto Insurance

Best Professional Liability Insurance For Electrical Engineers Online In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Individually Rated Commercial Auto Insurance There are 2 categories of insurance for vehicles registered in a company name: Fleet Insurance Individually Rated Commercial Auto Insurance Fleet Insurance Explained Fleet insurance is typically defined as any policy with 5 or more vehicles registered in a company name. Pricing for fleet insurance varies and is negotiated by the […]

Non-profit and Charities Directors Insurance Quote

Non-profit and Charities Directors Insurance Quote

Non-profit and Charities Directors Insurance  Quote Overview In today’s climate of transparency and accountability, an organization’s officers and directors face a myriad of exposures. Regulatory mandates, stakeholder & donor activism mean directors are more frequently at risk, translating to rising claims and escalating settlement costs. In the wake of unprecedented scandals in recent years, clearly […]

Intact Manufacturing Insurance

Intact manufacturing insurance

Intact Manufacturing Insurance Intact manufacturing insurance is for manufacturers and assemblers of components and products, as well as printers and graphic arts specialists. Intact manufacturing insurance covers your customer’s standard insurance needs. What makes Intact manufacturing insurance the right insurance solution for your  organization is Intact’s experience insuring the manufacturing and processes sector. What’s more, Intact manufacturing insurance […]

Environmental Site Pollution Insurance Quote

Environmental Site Pollution Insurance

Environmental Site Pollution Insurance  All Canadian businesses have both a moral and legal obligation and responsibility in protecting our environment both locally and globally. Our continuously changing legislation is evidence that business owners must take their responsibility seriously, as an environmental disaster could also lead to a financial one for most companies.  Thankfully ALIGNED Insurance […]

Product Contamination Insurance

Product Contamination Insurance

Product Contamination Insurance Why Is Product Contamination Insurance Needed? Food and drink companies in Canada are experiencing a wide range of changes in their risk environment from regulatory change, cross-border exposure, media and consumer scrutiny, rising standards of food safety – all leading to an increase in the frequency and severity of recalls by the […]

Flood Insurance Overview

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance for Canadian Businesses Extreme weather events including those causing floods are on the rise and water damage claims have started to exceed fire damage claims which have historically not been the case. Despite flood protection being excluded from most personal lines policies (until recently), flood insurance has always been available to most commercial […]

Public Liability Insurance Overview

public liability insurance

What is Public Liability Insurance? Public Liability Insurance protects against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage related to your premises, operations, products, completed operations as well as advertising and personal injury liability. A few examples: A customer slips in your retail store and breaks their hip. A contractor accidentally damages the building next to the […]

Engineers Insurance Canada Overview

Buy E&O insurance for Civil Engineers Online In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Engineers Insurance Canada Overview Engineers def: design materials, structures, and systems while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety, and cost.[1][2] The word engineer is derived from the Latin words ingeniare (“to contrive, devise”) and ingenium (“cleverness”).[3][4]  Source: Wikipedia Professional Liability Insurance for Engineers The professional liability insurance facing in the engineering industry is very […]

Truck Insurance Coverage Explained

truck insurance

Truck Insurance Coverage Explained Truck Insurance for individuals and companies is mandatory in every Canadian province and territory. In British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, primary truck insurance coverage is sold through government-run insurance companies. Private and government insurers then compete to sell additional coverage options. Elsewhere, truck insurance is sold through private insurance companies. Be aware that each […]

Directors Insurance For A Private Company

Directors Insurance For A Private Company

Directors Insurance For A Private Company Q. Do You Need Directors Insurance For A Private Company? A. Yes. Directors insurance for a private company has value regardless of size because they are threatened by many of the same liability and criminal exposures that public companies face and are share the same level of duty to the […]

Insurance For US Sales Explained

Insurance For US Sales

Insurance For US Sales If you are a Canadian company with US sales securing cost-effective insurance can be difficult. To make sure that you are fully protected, it’s crucial that you work with an experienced broker that can guide you through the process and works with the right type of insurer that is comfortable and experienced in working […]