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Product Contamination Insurance

Product Contamination Insurance

Product Contamination Insurance

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Why Is Product Contamination Insurance Needed?

Food and drink companies in Canada are experiencing a wide range of changes in their risk environment from regulatory change, cross-border exposure, media and consumer scrutiny, rising standards of food safety – all leading to an increase in the frequency and severity of recalls by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency – CFIA

How Does Product Contamination Insurance Work?

To minimize what could be devastating financial impact of a recall event it is crucial to ensure that specific and tailored product contamination cover is in place to protect organizations against foreseeable eventualities such as product contamination and many associated costs.  To help food and drink companies ALIGNED offers a product to help your organization get the cover that precisely fits their needs. Minimum premiums start at $10,000 and over $300,000,000 of insurance capacity is available.

Product Contamination Insurance Target Clients

  • Food and drink manufacturers
  • retailers
  • distributors
  • importers
  • co-packers

Product Contamination Insurance Products Can Include Some Or All Of The Following:

• Loss of gross profits
• Recall expenses
• Rehabilitation costs
• Replacement expenses
• Destruction costs
• Third party recall expenses
• Consultant costs
• Additional cover available for:
• Government recall
• Adverse publicity
• Customer’s loss of profit
• Product Recall Liability damages
• Available both stand-alone or with

Product Contamination Insurance Coverage Triggers

• Accidental contamination
• Malicious product tamper
• Mislabeling
• Product extortion
• Government recall

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We understand that protecting your business through specialized insurance solutions like product contamination insurance is critical. Our advocates can help you secure the best  insurance products for your organization

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