Insurance For US Sales Explained

Insurance For US Sales

If you are a Canadian company with US sales securing cost-effective insurance can be difficult. To make sure that you are fully protected, it’s crucial that you work with an experienced broker that can guide you through the process and works with the right type of insurer that is comfortable and experienced in working with companies that have high US sales like the advocates at ALIGNED.

Get the Right Insurance For US Sales

When seeking liability insurance coverage for a Canadian company with US sales, the first thing we look for is clear, simple policy language in the territory or jurisdictional clauses which outline what geographies are covered and more importantly where a suit has to be brought in order for coverage to respond. Policies that appear to provide insurance for US sales are not all the same so ensure they are compared fully.

How Much Insurance For US Sales Do We Need?

The selection of how much insurance is enough can be difficult, but an experienced broker will be able to provide industry and peer benchmarking, claims trends etc. and evaluate important risk and rating factors like “if employees of the Canadian business will travel in their own vehicles or in rental cars while in the US” to help guide the amount of insurance that should be purchased in order to adequately manage your organization’s risk from your US sales.

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