How Umbrella Liability Insurance Fills The Gap

Umbrella Liability Insurance

How Umbrella Liability Insurance Fills The Gap Because one size never fits all, umbrella liability insurance provides businesses with an extra layer of coverage over and above standard liability policies. The International Risk Management Institute (IRMI) notes that umbrella liability insurance “provides excess limits when the limits of underlying liability policies are exhausted by the […]

Business Fire Insurance Canada

Fire Insurance Coverage

What You Need To Know About Fire Insurance Coverage This summer, wildfires in British Columbia continue to make news headlines. As of July 22, CBC reports that 248 fires are burning throughout the province. People who live and work near the fires are keeping a watchful eye on news reports and air quality advisories. Regardless […]

Winery Risk Management


Winery Risk Management Due to their unique nature, wineries of all sizes are presented with an unusual blend of exposures that need to be managed. As a wine producer, you face different types of risks not normally seen together in the same industry. For example, wineries that grow their own vines have to be concerned […]

ALIGNED Insurance Matters [Issue 4]

ALIGNED Insurance Matters

[issue 4] Golf, Business Travel & Bikini Deductibles? Taking advantage of the good summer weather is key which for many includes business slowdowns and/or shutdowns, travel, golf, informal corporate events and swimsuits… If this is how your summer is shaping up, I hope you find some helpful, timely and possibly even entertaining content in this issue […]

Business Travel Insurance And Your Frequent Flyers

business travel insurance

Business Travel Insurance: A Must for Frequent Flyers If you travel for business outside of Canada, it is important to be aware of local customs, culture and hazards. Depending on the political climate of the country you visit, there may be added risks such as the potential for a kidnap and ransom situation. Before you […]

A Real Directors and Officers Insurance Claim

directors and officers insurance claim

A Real Directors and Officers Insurance Claim Today’s reality is that companies of any size can find themselves at risk of a lawsuit at any time. If you are the director or officer of a Canadian company, you are likely well aware that the decisions you make as a board member can come back to […]

Tenant’s Legal Liability 101

Tenant's Legal Liability 101

Tenant’s Legal Liability Insurance Should a tenant or a tenant’s employee damage the premises occupied by the tenant, the tenant could be held responsible for such damages. If the building owner insures the building and the owner’s insurer repairs the damages, the owner’s insurer may subrogate for the damages paid from the tenant. The tenant’s […]

Hole-In-One Insurance – ALIGNED Insurance

Hole-in-One and Prize Indemnity Insurance

Hole-In-One Insurance and Prize Indemnity Insurance Hole-in-One insurance is purchased by golf tournament hosts or tournament sponsors.  The coverage reimburses the named insured (hole sponsor) for the cost of awarding a hole-in-one prize. The first person to score a hole-in-one on a predetermined hole will be awarded a (often lucrative) prize by the hole sponsor.  For example, if […]

How To Manage Your Social Host Liquor Liability

social host liquor liability

Hosting A Summer Event? Manage Your Social Host Liquor Liability. What Exactly Is Social Host Liquor Liability? Corporate social events bring people together and offer great opportunities for informal conversation. Whether you are planning a charity golf tournament, employee picnic or open house, before you serve alcohol, it is important to understand and manage your […]

Premium Is The ALIGNED Term Of The Day


Premium Is The ALIGNED Term Of The Day It is important to understand the key terms that are used in your insurance policy. Premium for example is a commonly used term, which means the amount of money an insurer charges to provide the coverage described in the policy or bond. Another term frequently used is […]

Demutualization of Insurers is Green Lighted

demutualization of insurers

Demutualization Of Insurers Is Green Lighted Demutualization is now a possibility for Canadian insurers. According to Insurance Business Canada, “it has been a long time coming, but the final regulations for the demutualization of federally-regulated mutual property and casualty insurers has arrived – and one company looks poised to pull the trigger.”1 Demutualization 101: The […]

What is Boiler and Machinery Insurance?

boiler and machinery insurance

Boiler and Machinery Insurance Canada Two words sum up the value of boiler and machinery insurance: collateral damage. As much as your business may have coverage in place for key elements such as commercial property, general liability and directors and officers, the breakdown of a critical piece of machinery has the potential to wreck havoc […]

Why Purchase A Pollution Insurance Policy?

Why Purchase A Pollution Insurance Policy

Why Purchase A Pollution Insurance Policy? The risk of pollution may seem obscure, but it is one that could arise at any time. New forms of pollution and contamination are frequently being discovered, often with the result of a large (and generally successful) lawsuit due to third-party bodily injury or property damage. Why A Pollution Insurance […]

What You Need To Know About Cargo Insurance

What You Need To Know About Cargo Insurance

What You Need To Know About Cargo Insurance Click Here To Get A Cargo Insurance Quote or Call us toll free at 1-866-287-0448 International trade and business represents one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world today so it’s important to be up on what you need to know about cargo insurance. […]