ALIGNED Insurance Matters [Issue 4]

[issue 4] Golf, Business Travel & Bikini Deductibles?

Taking advantage of the good summer weather is key which for many includes business slowdowns and/or shutdowns, travel, golf, informal corporate events and swimsuits…

If this is how your summer is shaping up, I hope you find some helpful, timely and possibly even entertaining content in this issue of ALIGNMENT Matters.

[tips] Travelling For Business This Summer?
[definition] What Exactly Is A Bikini Deductible?
[feature] Know The Odds For A Hole-In-One
[insight] Are You Insured To Move Locations This Summer?
[feature] Planning An Event? How To Limit Your Host Liquor Liability.
[real D&O claim] A Hotel Project Gone Awry
[good causes] ALIGNED Is Proud To Support Doctors Without Borders

Summer can also be a time to simplify and make things just a little easier. In keeping with this theme, we’ve launched a “Get A Quote” section. Our simplified 3-step insurance quote process makes popular applications easily accessible, 24/7/365. Once you’ve submitted an insurance application, you can expect to be contacted by an ALIGNED Advocate within 24 business hours. Our goal is to make it easy for you to quickly secure a quote for your organization.

I personally believe that summer is a great time to pause and be thankful. With the acquisition of Precept Insurance & Risk Management Inc. almost 2 months ago, I’d like to take a moment to thank all former Precept clients, prospects, employees and insurers for their overwhelming support and encouragement as we move forward and grow together!


Andrew Clark
  President & CEO

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