What Business Insurance for Buffet Restaurants Should Cover

What Business Insurance for Buffet Restaurants Should Cover

Running a buffet restaurant requires an appetite for risks. Customers mingling with busy staff who are carrying trays of hot food, stacks of dishes and trays loaded with beverages means your chances for customer injuries increases.  Not to mention the possibility of food contamination and food poisoning. Business insurance for buffet restaurants can help protect restaurants and restaurant owners from getting swallowed up by a lawsuit.

Tips For Reducing Your Buffet Restaurant’s Waste

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We don’t have to tell you that wastage takes a big bite out of a buffet restaurant’s profits. But more than that, wastage is a serious social problem when you consider both the people who go hungry and the environmental impact that food production, especially animal protein, has on the environment. And your customers care. According to Restaurants Canada, millennials are the biggest spenders on restaurants, with Canadians under 30 years old spending 44% of their food dollar on food and alcohol from restaurants compared to 27% for those 65 and older. 

Millennials care about the business practices of the establishments where they spend their money. They research them and are not afraid to share their findings. The following tips for reducing food and other wastage at your restaurant is taken from Restaurants Canada’s Sustainability and Waste Reduction in the Hospitality Industry: How the Right Policies can Increase Profitability blog post:

“1. Increase plant-based food options on your menu

A recent study by Dalhousie University found that 6.4 million Canadian are following a diet that either limits animal product intake or eliminates them completely. The harvesting of animal proteins takes a significant toll on the environment. For this reason, along with various health-related and ethical reasons, many Canadians are thinking twice about their animal protein consumption. If serving animal proteins look into procurement options that focus on sustainable farming practices.

2. Efficient menu development

Designing a menu that cross-utilizes ingredients can dramatically decrease waste and increase business profits. Using one ingredient in multiple dishes, in many variations, can ease labour, ordering execution and reduce food waste.

3. Harnessing the power of technology

Utilizing in-house sales, ordering software, and apps can dramatically improve forecasting sales and ingredient procurement. According to Foodservice Facts 2019, the use of mobile apps rose to five billion dollars in 2018, in Canada. By collaborating with popular third-party apps, restaurants can access valuable analytical tools to combat food waste and profit loss.

4. Cut back on food non-food related waste

Reduce packaging by serving food that produces minimal packaging waste and is recyclable or compostable; this makes a major environmental impact in the long-run. Try reusable coasters, reusable menus, reusable coffee and tea filters, paper straws, and sign up for junk mail reduction. In washrooms install air hand dryers and refillable soap containers.

5. Have strict, but user-friendly, recycling policy

It’s always a good practice to consult with your local waste and recycling programs to ensure that you are properly recycling or composting. In most provinces and states, plastics, glass, paper, cardboard, and aluminum can all be recycled; many offer recycling options for other items too such as old POS electronics, broken kitchen equipment, batteries, light bulbs, chemicals, and more. Some areas also offer grease recycling; turning used cooking fats into biodiesel or reusable energy.”

Sharing your sustainability efforts, especially on your social media pages, is a great marketing message and can even help you explain any price increases that are necessary due to those efforts.

Business Insurance for Buffet Restaurants – What Kind of Coverage Do You Need?

Restaurants are a popular target for lawsuits, especially frivolous ones. The following insurance products can cover your legal cost and also protect your restaurant from several worst-case scenarios. Your customizable business insurance for your restaurant business can include:

Commercial General Liability Insurance in case your customers or employees are injured at your restaurant or fall ill after eating at your restaurant; can also include liquor liability insurance which is a must if you serve alcohol.

Commercial Property Insurance which can also include:

Equipment Breakdown Insurance if a refrigeration unit breaks down, for example, this insurance policy can cover the cost of repair and wasted food and beverages.

Employment Practices Liability in case your restaurant is sued for harassment, discrimination etc.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance for business delivery service.

Crime Insurance in case of credit card fraud and/or theft by restaurant employees.

Umbrella Liability Insurance an extra layer of coverage and designed to protect your assets by kicking in when your primary commercial general liability coverage is exhausted.

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