ALIGNED Proudly Supports VETS Canada

ALIGNED Proudly Supports VETS Canada

ALIGNED Insurance believes that it is a privilege to handle our clients insurance needs and that it is our corporate social responsibility to give generously and regularly to support the great work charitable and not profits organizations do every day across Canada.

As part of our commitment to give regularly, every month an ALIGNED Advocate selects a Canadian charity of their choice and ALIGNED makes a donation to that organization on their behalf. In recognition of the great work they do Sydni Felice selected VETS Canada for October, 2016.

More About VETS Canada

A grassroots movement, VETS Canada began in 2010/2011 when Jim Lowther, a veteran himself, realized that there were veterans slipping through the cracks. They had not made successful transitions from their military careers to healthy, productive civilian lives. These veterans had lost their families, were living in the streets or at-risk of being homeless and were, at times, suicidal. They were unemployed and many were trying to cope with mental and physical injuries related to their service without adequate health care and other community support. Jim formed a small team in Halifax, NS to seek out and help homeless and at-risk veterans with a view to helping reintegrate them into civilian life.

This movement has grown into a federally registered non-profit charity that has a network of 135,000 and hundreds of dedicated volunteers across the country, most of who are ex-military/RCMP. They work within the community to identify homeless veterans and quickly re-establish the bond of trust that exists between soldiers.

VETS Canada has evolved from just assisting homeless veterans to also providing support to those who are not necessarily homeless but who are “in crisis”. Whether that crisis is not being able to afford groceries or a hydro bill, or it’s an emotional/mental health crisis, VETS Canada is available to provide support.

Source: VETS Canada

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