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Tutor Insurance

Tutor Insurance
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Whether you’re an individual tutor or run a tutoring service, your one-on-one, individualized learning experiences can help students improve their work, study habits and academic performance.

But tutors also face high expectations. Our Tutor Insurance packages can help relieve you of some of that burden by protecting you from the risks that come with taking on the responsibility of a child’s educational success.

Two Common Tutor Insurance Coverages

Tutor Insurance
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Basic insurance for tutors usually include:

Professional Liability / Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance 

Professional liability or Errors and Omissions insurance can cover losses suffered by clients because of bad advice, errors, omissions and other forms of professional negligence on your part claimed by your clients.

Example: A parent of a child you tutor claims that your tutoring methods are ineffective and that their child is still failing his classes. The parent sues your tutoring service. Your professional liability/E&O coverage would cover the costs to respond to a lawsuit including lawyer’s fees and any settlements or judgements against you.

It’s important to remember that when providing professional services like tutoring, you always run the risk of unhappy clients that feel you failed to deliver as you should have and decide to sue.

Whether it has merit or not, a lawsuit can cause significant damage to your finances and reputation. Insuring your tutoring service against those suits is crucial for your long-term success.

Commercial General Liability Insurance 

Commercial general liability insurance can cover your tutoring service for expenses resulting from injuries to third parties and property damage that you would otherwise be liable for. 

CGL insurance can also cover your tutoring service for lawyer’s fees, defence costs, settlements and judgements against you for lawsuits alleging personal injuries, property damage, false advertising and libel or slander. 

Example: While providing in-home tutoring to a client, you accidentally drop her laptop on the floor, and it’s broken beyond repair. Your CGL policy would cover the costs of a new laptop and the fees for transferring the data from the old one.

CGL policies for individuals and organizations that work with children can also include Abuse Liability coverage which can cover legal expenses, settlements and judgements for lawsuits alleging liability or negligence in sexual, physical and emotional abuse cases. 

Other Insurance Coverages Your Tutoring Service May Need

Cyber Liability & Privacy Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance / Commercial Vehicle Insurance

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