Rooming House Insurance

Are you constructing your dream home or undertaking a significant renovation of your residential or commercial property? Safeguard your vision with Builder’s Risk Insurance. This coverage ensures your project is protected during the construction phase and offers peace of mind for your developing dream home or space.

Rooming House Insurance Explained

ALIGNED Insurance offers numerous insurance products for properties which are rented to third parties including student rentals, income properties, rooming houses, multi unit residential buildings etc. The below is an overview of insurance for rooming houses, but if you would like more info, an application or an bindable quote just reach out and one of our ALIGNED Advocates would be happy to assist.

Rooming House Insurance Risks Are Unique

Rooming house insurance is often not easily obtained, but our expertise, experience, considerable number of existing Rooming House Insurance clients in towns and cities across the country including Waterloo, London, Guelph, Toronto, Hamilton, Windsor, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Vancouver, Victoria etc. and numerous insurer options allows us the flexibility to provide the best Boarding House Insurance in the market.  While many companies deem these as “high risk” and aren’t willing or interested to write Landlord Insurance for Rooming Houses, we understand that not all rooming houses are the same, and work with clients to ensure they are looked at on a risk by risk basis so we are able to provide superior coverage for superior risks.

Rooming House Insurance Can Include:

  • Broad form coverage
  • Replacement cost
  • Sewer backup coverage
  • No restrictions on age of the building
  • On premises pollution
  • Tenant damage coverage
  • Automatic coverage for minor renovations

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