Livestock Dealer Insurance

Livestock dealers have a highly specialized and important role when it comes to the business of buying or selling cattle as a principal or as an agent. They represent different companies to sell products and services to businesses and other organizations and provide accurate information as required. Livestock dealers have to raise or purchase livestock from individual producers and arrange for sales and trucking to ranches, farms, feedlots and more.

In the livestock dealer business, it’s important that your business has the right protection against claims, injury, damage as well as liability, especially because dealers must follow strict government guidelines and ensure the best interest of livestock producers and others. While livestock dealers arrange for the buying, selling and transportation of various livestock for individuals and companies, any accidents can be costly.

With livestock insurance from ALIGNED, livestock dealers can protect their business against risks and costs of liability and litigation.

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Why is Livestock Dealer Insurance Important?

Even the best and most experienced livestock dealers can be subject to unexpected mishaps. But when you’re performing your business operations, you don’t want to be caught off guard without appropriate livestock dealer insurance in the event of an accident.

  • Livestock that you buy or sell to individuals and companies could succumb to disease or injury.
  • Individuals or businesses could claim dissatisfaction with your services, false advertising, or other claims that result in financial repercussions or litigation.
  • Arranging for transportation and trucking of livestock to ranches, farms, feedlots, and more could result in an accident on the road along the way.

Regardless of when, why, where and how unexpected events happen, the resulting financial loss can be substantial. With the right livestock dealer insurance policy from ALIGNED, livestock dealers can move their business forward with confidence.

What Does Livestock Dealer Insurance Include?

Commercial General Liability Insurance – also known as CGL, general liability insurance provides coverage for injuries, bodily harm, and property damages occurring to a third party during your business operations or while on your premises.

Commercial Property Insurance – your livestock business operates with commercial property. It’s important to ensure your assets are protected in the event of a fire, vandalism, flood, or other natural peril beyond your control.

Commercial Auto Insurance – covers medical, property damage, loss of income, disability benefits, and more if you are involved in a collision while trucking livestock to an individual or business.

Cargo Insurance – when moving livestock from one location to another, whether it’s across international waters or the country, cargo insurance covers physical damage of cargo, risk of rejection by a government authority, exhibition risks, professional liability, and more.

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