Internet Service Provider Insurance

The argument as to whether the internet should be treated as a utility underscores how integral the internet has become for governments, businesses, consumers, students, educators… the list is endless. This means that, as internet providers, your service simply can’t go down. Ever.

Unfortunately, however, despite the investments you’ve made in security, reliable speeds, backups and contingencies, there is always a chance of service interruptions and cyber attacks that leave your internet providers open to substantial liability from several sources. Our internet service provider insurance plans are assembled by commercial insurance specialists and are designed specifically to help you mitigate those risks. 

Just as the internet has changed the way we live and do business, it’s also changed the way internet service itself is provided. If you use or own a colocation service, our internet service provider insurance plans will give your business the protection it needs.

Common Insurance Coverages for Internet Service Provide

Below are some of the types of internet providers coverages that can be tailored to meet your specific insurance needs:

Professional Liability / Errors and Omissions Insurance – this coverage is crucial for ISPs as service interruptions could mean business losses for dozens, if not hundreds, of your clients, potentially leaving you exposed to just as many and potentially large lawsuits. 

Cyber Liability & Privacy Insurance – our comprehensive cyber liability policies are some of the most robust on the market. Coverage includes liability for breaches, an expert crisis management team, cost indemnification for expenses resulting from breach or extortion and so much more.

Commercial General Liability Insurance – provides coverage for medical expenses, property damage costs, lawyer’s fees, settlements and awards for damages for claims alleging personal injury, property damage, false advertising and libel or slander. 

Property Insurance – our property insurance coverage for internet service providers is designed specifically for the losses that can occur to your building and contents due to peril. Coverage can also include Business Interruption Insurance for income lost following an insured event and Extra Expense Insurance to cover the costs of relocating and operating a temporary ISP location.

Other coverages you may need:

Crime Insurance / Fidelity Insurance 

Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

Commercial Vehicle Insurance 

Directors & Officers Insurance 

Boiler & Machinery Insurance / Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Get ALIGNED with an insurance company that specializes in commercial insurance.

Commercial insurance is all we do. When you choose ALIGNED you get an expert in risk management for ISPs and an advocate representing your ISP’s interests. We work with Canada’s top insurance companies to get you responsive internet service provider coverage at the best possible rates. 

Contact an ALIGNED advocate to get a free quote on internet service provider insurance in minutes or get started right away by using our free online tool.

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