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Insurance For Dollar Stores In Canada

Insurance For Dollar Stores In Canada
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Insurance For Dollar Stores In Canada

Insurance for dollar stores in Canada is an important consideration for business owners. If you own a dollar store, you know that the competition is steep, and your inventory is constantly shifting. You have to follow the trends to keep your business alive, and it’s important that your insurance company continue to support you through claims, even as your business changes.

Canadian Grocer lists Dollarama as one of the discount disrupters to watch through 2020. The brand has changed with the times and the customer response shows that. More people visit more often, and the amount that customers buy has increased due to the convenience of the changing inventory. As a result, the brand has increased their goal for opening stores from 1,150 to 1,700. If you intend to compete with this giant, you need to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage to support you along the way.

Why Should Dollar Store Insurance Be Customized?

Insurance for dollar stores in Canada needs to be customized based on: your inventory, the number of people you employ, and your annual revenue. In addition, your insurance company has to understand that your business is not the same as other retail stores. You need the flexibility to sell food products, cleaning products, clothing and household items. If you want to make sure your insurance company is giving you the proper coverage, call ALIGNED Insurance at tel:18662870448. We can make sure that your insurance fits your business.

What Types Of Insurance Does A Dollar Store Need?

You will need Commercial General Liability Insurance. This type of insurance provides coverage in case a customer is injured on your property. This means that if a customer hurts themselves pulling items down off the top shelf, your insurance can help cover legal costs. Sometimes even with your best efforts at maintaining a safe store, someone could still hurt themselves. It’s important that your insurance company help you cover costs if situations like this pop up.

Product Liability Insurance is also important because it covers you if a customer is injured by a product they’ve bought from your store. Maybe a kitchen tools is too sharp or a toy has a broken piece of plastic that cuts the customer. In these situations it’s again important that your insurance company cover legal costs. You need to feel safe knowing that situations like this won’t put you out of business just because it’s costly to clear your name. It’s up to your insurance company to help you through these types of hard times.

Every brick and mortar store needs Property Insurance. This type of insurance is how you get help paying for storm damages or other property damage. If a customer drives through your front window, you have insurance to cover the costs. If a storm floods the store, your insurance will help compensate for those losses. Property insurance should be customized to your location.

You will also need Crime Insurance to prevent losses from employee or customer crimes. Your insurance company can help compensate you for losses if an employee steals from your inventory. You can also get insurance coverage for customer crimes like credit card fraud. If you’re a victim of crime, your insurance company should be on your side, protecting you from any revenue losses.

How Do I Get Insurance For A Dollar Store?

You can get insurance for a dollar store in Canada by using ALIGNED Insurance Online Products. Just by answering a few questions, you qualify for insurance instantly. If you want to discuss your options for customized insurance, talk to a broker by calling tel:18662870448. At ALIGNED Insurance we search through the 65+ top insurance companies in Canada. It’s our job to save you the trouble of filling out multiple quotes with multiple companies in order to compare costs. We understand how important it is for you to focus on the changing landscape of the dollar store market. Let us find you the right insurance for dollar stores in Canada, so you can go back to running your store.

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