How Much Is Insurance For A Resort In Canada?

Whether it’s a ski lodge, remote cabins in the wilderness, an escape on the water or a special spot on main street owners and potential owners of resorts across Canada need to know how much is insurance for a resort in Canada.  In addition, to understand how much is insurance for a resort in Canada it’s important for resort owners and operators to know that the uniqueness of their building, operations, activities offered are properly covered as no two resorts are the same.  That’s why it’s important to work with experienced commercial insurance brokers like the business insurance brokers at ALIGNED Insurance to ensure you are receiving a customized insurance placement as unique as your resort and the experience you offer.

Factors That Impact How Much Is Insurance For A Resort In Canada

To understand how much is insurance for a resort in Canada it’s important to determine how insurance for a resort in Canada is determined by the 50+ top Canadian & Lloyd’s underwriters & insurers ALIGNED Insurance deals with:

  • Replacement cost of all the property (structures, contents etc.)
  • Location of the property (remoteness and accessibility can impact repair and rebuilding costs)
  • Number of guests per season
  • Amount of revenue per season
  • Sources of revenue (alcohol sales, water & boating activities and adventure tours etc. come with different risk/rate factors)
  • History of claims
  • Quality of risk management policies & procedures (waivers etc.)
  • Amount and deductible levels of insurance purchased
  • Construction materials used to build the resort and amount of protection included (i.e. alarm system, cameras, sprinklers, fire suppression in kitchen etc.)

Types Of Insurance For A Resort In Canada

No two resorts are the same and nor should the insurance that protects their operations, but common types of insurance for a resort in Canada are:

  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • Host Liquor Liability Insurance
  • Adventure Tourism Liability Insurance
  • Golf Course Insurance
  • Watercraft Physical Damage & Liability Insurance
  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance
  • Crime Insurance

Regardless of the size, location, uniqueness of your resort ALIGNED Insurance is here to help ensure your resort has the right and best insurance.

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