Golf Course Insurance Overview

Who Needs Golf Course Insurance?

Do you own or run a golf course? If you do, it’s important that you have the right coverage in place to ensure that the unique needs of your business are sufficiently covered. Golf course insurance is imperative when handling the following types of facilities/operations;

  • Golf range operations
  • Golf shops
  • Par 3s
  • Executive courses
  • Semi-private and private golf facilities

What Do Golf Course Insurance Companies Cover?

Golf course insurance companies provide comprehensive insurance policies designed to cover a wide range of services, operations, and facilities that a golf course has. Some of these include:

  • Damages to the golf course or the facilities.
  • Liquor liability for the golf club lounges, shops, and other areas that serve alcohol to its members.
  • Pollution caused by any of the facilities or operations of the golf course.
  • Protection for board members and other management leaders that make decisions that impact your business.
  • Damages to the property and buildings, such as furniture.
  • Maintenance trucks and other vehicles in case of accidents.
  • Equipment like golf carts or lawn tractors and other special features that are not covered under a commercial property plan.

Insurance companies will likely have pre-determined or custom plans that you can choose from and they’ll be able to walk you through the options available as well as the coverages you should be considering.

What are the Most Common Types of Coverages for Golf Courses?

  • Commercial general liability insurance for property damage and injury to a third party while on your premises.
  • Commercial property insurance for buildings, furniture, and other property.
  • Liquor liability coverages for serving alcohol.
  • Commercial auto insurance for maintenance trucks, courtesy cars, and other vehicles.

Further to the above coverage, it is worth noting the importance of Umbrella Liability insurance compliment and/or supplement your golf course insurance. This will help protect your golf course business when accidents happen and your existing liability policy cannot cover all the expenses. To ensure that you have the right limits in place to protect your business fully, it is important to take the following into consideration;

  • Golf club’s net worth
  • Financial position of golf club
  • Worst case scenario claims
    • An in use golf cart rolls over
    • Someone is hit with an errant golf ball

How Golf Course Insurance Quotes Work

There are many ways you can get a quote on golf course insurance. You can contact insurance companies directly to get an online quote or to speak to an insurance representative. They will be able to help answer any questions and provide estimates of what your golf course insurance premiums might look like.

You can also use an insurance brokerage to help you shop and compare different golf course insurance policies available. You’ll be prompted to fill out the information about your business and what types of coverage you need. Based on your answers, the insurance brokerage will provide a list of insurance companies and their policies that are best suited for you.

How Do I Get Golf Course Insurance?

You can purchase golf course insurance directly from a qualified insurance company, or you can go through an insurance brokerage to find the right insurance policy. ALIGNED offers a range of coverage options for golf course insurance. Whether you operate private or semi-private golf facilities, shops, or other operations, our golf course insurance plans ensure that your unique operational needs are protected against liability, litigation, and other damages.

ALIGNED works with Canada’s top insurance companies to provide custom insurance packages at affordable prices. Our commercial insurance products specialists will be happy to answer any questions you have about golf course insurance and the process of purchasing commercial insurance.

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