E-news | Ways to manage COVID-19 risks in your workplace

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E-news | Ways to manage COVID-19 risks in your workplace
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COVID-19 risk management| protecting your workplace

COVID-19 risk management. In the last issue of ALIGNMENT Matters we talked about how businesses are shifting gears and reopening during the pandemic.

We also mentioned that provincial governments are setting out new guidelines to help businesses create safe work environments and customer experiences during COVID-19. 

As keeping workplaces safe and secure for employees and clients is top of mind during COVID-19, we’ve taken some time to look into government recommendations in three provinces.

Whether you have offices, retail locations, manufacturing or other businesses operating in OntarioAlberta and/or BC you can now find some of the most recent COVID-19 workplace guidelines listed below and on our blog.

To help you keep current, we’re constantly adding more info to our new COVID-19 Info page. Bookmark this page and learn more about:

We appreciate how hard it is to adapt to the ever-changing “new normal” and that’s why it is especially appreciated when a client recognizes us with a Google review.

Here are comments from a few clients who we recently helped:

  • “This team was really helpful and attentive, it’s hard to get a call returned during the lockdown and these guys came through every time.”
  • “Getting office insurance for our startup in Q1 of 2020 seemed daunting but it turned out to be seamless, Aligned made this process so painless and easy.”
  • “We bought 2 small commercial buildings outside Vancouver last month and the Aligned team was able to handle our situation quickly and professionally”

In this issue of ALIGNMENT Matters, we’re also welcoming a new team member, explaining how to file an insurance claim as well as sharing some new client feedback.

1. Introducing Courtney Tran, our newest ALIGNED Assistant Advocate!
​2. Alberta firm? What to know about COVID-19 workplace risk management.
3. BC company? Understanding workplace risk management during COVID-19.
4. Ontario business? Managing COVID-19 risks in your workplace.
5. Claim? What you need to know about filing an insurance claim
6. We really, really appreciate these new Google reviews about us! 

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As your business continues to change and adapt during COVID-19, the ALIGNED Insurance team is here to help you move forward with confidence.

We look forward to hearing from you.   


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Why Courtney Tran is proud to be an ALIGNED Assistant Advocate

Welcoming Courtney Tran ALIGNED Assistant Advocate - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

About Us | Courtney Tran recently joined our growing team. Courtney is an Assistant Advocate and reports to Darcy Franko-Felice. She works closely with ALIGNED colleagues across Canada. 

Courtney shares, “I was looking for a career change after working in hospitality for over ten years. Therefore, I wanted to find a profession that allowed me to continue to working with and helping people but also challenged me.

I have enjoyed my first few weeks at ALIGNED and cannot wait to see how I grow from here. The team has been so welcoming and helpful in my training. Most importantly…keep reading…

What sets ALIGNED Insurance apart for Courtney Tran…

What to know about managing COVID-19 risks in your Alberta workplace

Safety first. Whether you call Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, or anywhere in between home, COVID-19 is impacting your life as an Albertan. As businesses gradually reopen and community activities slowly resume, people are operating and interacting with each other differently during the pandemic.

Keeping people safe is essential. The Government of Alberta is advising businesses that “it’s important to take measures to protect employees and customers.”1 Cleaning, disinfecting and proper use of personal protective equipment are all vitally important. In addition, as a business owner or leader, you are also advised to:

10 ways to keep your Alberta workplace safe during COVID-19

What COVID-19 risks are the biggest concerns for BC workplaces?

Safety planning. It doesn’t matter if you call Prince Rupert, Victoria, Kelowna or Vancouver home, COVID-19 is changing every British Columbian’s life. Your manufacturing business may now be making personal protection equipment. You may be monitoring how your retail, grocery or restaurant employees interact with customers. Or you may be pivoting your business operations during the pandemic.

As a business owner, you know risk management best practices help manage workplace hazards. Specific workplace guidelines are now available to help mitigate ongoing COVID-19 risks in your business. This article highlights some actions you can take as part of your COVID-19 safety planning for your BC employees, customers and suppliers. Keep reading…

8 ways to keep your BC workplace safe during COVID-19

COVID-19 workplace risks and your responsibilities as an Ontario business

Safety first. From Windsor to Ottawa and from Toronto to Sudbury, COVID-19 is changing every Ontarian’s life. Your business may be preparing to welcome employees back to a fundamentally different office environment. If your construction firm is managing a new job site, you’re ensuring employees follow government recommendations for masks and social distancing. And if your restaurant or retail space is now open, you’re monitoring and adjusting how your staff interact with customers.

Risk management has and will always be critical when it comes to ensuring the safety of your Ontario workplace. Certainly, during COVID-19, you’ve quickly adapted to new protocols, requirements and recommendations. You are working to keep yourself, your employees, customers and suppliers as safe as possible. Thankfully, to help manage COVID-19 risks in your workplace there are now some specific government guidelines. Keep reading…

10 tips to keep your Ontario workplace safe during COVID-19

Reporting an insurance claim? Here’s what Canadian businesses need to know…

Worst-case scenarios sometimes happen. There are many situations that are keeping Canadian business owners awake at night. 

These are all real Canadian insurance claims. And they are are precisely why business insurance Canada is so vitally important to every company’s bottom line. Whether its D&O insuranceemployment practices liability, or expense fraud, the coverage you buy is only as good as its response to an insurance claim situation.

On the other hand, maybe an extreme weather situation caused significant damage that requires a complex rebuild that can only be done by specialty trades. In addition, you might be renovating to attract a new tenant who wants a high value property rental. Or you may simply be closing your doors temporarily due to a difficult economic situation. Keep reading…

96 hours empty? You own a vacant property. Use our online form to get a vacant property insurance quote started now!

ALIGNED in gratitude | We appreciate these Google reviews about us…

As good as one’s word. If you take a look at our homepage, you’ll find a definition of the word ALIGNED. It’s there because we’re constantly mindful of the fact that “joining with others in a cause” is what defines us.

In fact, this one word is what’s driving each one of us, each and every day, to truly be our clients’ advocate in the Canadian insurance marketplace.

Above all, aligning is what we do as business insurance brokers. Likewise, we’re aligned with each other as colleagues, with the best insurance companies in Canada and, most importantly, our clients. This is why why being as good as one’s word is so important to all of us at ALIGNED.

Knowing and trusting that the people you work with truly understand your specific needs is fundamental to any business relationship.

Above all, the fact that so many people we work with are willing to share a Google review about us tells us that our focus on alignment is resonating. When a client puts in a good word about us, we know that more than just a product, we’re delivering value that’s truly aligning with their needs. Keep reading…

Best insurance broker Toronto? 
What Toronto clients are saying about ALIGNED!

We’re ALIGNED. Above all, we’re here to help you manage your insurance.

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E-news | Ways to manage COVID-19 risks in your workplace

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COVID-19 and the Canadian Workplace - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

The pandemic is changing how we live, work and interact with each other. To help understand COVID-19 risks and commercial insurance Canada, bookmark this COVID-19 Info page and read our Insurance Blog. Here’s a selection of recent COVID-19 related news articles that we hope you will find helpful.

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