Data Entry Service Business Insurance

Data entry is one of the most time-consuming and manual tasks for many organizations. As a result, some companies outsource their data entry tasks to businesses that have specialized tools and employees to perform data entry tasks more efficiently.

In daily operations of any business, there is always the risk of unexpected events that cause a financial loss. However, for any business that provides data entry services, it’s important to specifically ensure your company is protected against lawsuits and third-party liability claims from customers. Otherwise, errors, omissions, customer injuries, property damage, and other perils can create significant out-of-pocket financial repercussions and even result in bankruptcy.

With ALIGNED Insurance, you can find a suitable data entry service business insurance package that fits your exact business needs that helps you and your organization mitigate the financial risks of operating a business. We work with 70+ of Canada’s leading insurance companies to offer many types of coverage, limits, products, etc. to get you the best data entry service business insurance.

Data Entry Service Business Insurance
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Why Is Data Entry Service Business Insurance Important?

Data entry service businesses have access to confidential client information, such as payment information, invoice data, and customer lists, financial records, health information etc. Whenever you provide professional services to another individual or business, there are always risks associated with the services. If something goes wrong, your clients can sue you, which creates costly financial repercussions.

Here are some scenarios where data entry service business insurance can protect your company:

  • You take a customer on a tour of your office and they slip, fall and injure themselves on your premises.
  • A competitor firm sues you for libel and slander for an edgy ad campaign you run to generate more revenue and set yourself apart from that competitor.
  • There’s a collision in a company vehicle on the way to a client meeting.
  • A hacker gains access to your client list and client information, makes it public and your client and their customers sue you for this privacy breach.
  • Ransomware shuts down your operations and you are unable to operate until it’s lifted.

With protection from ALIGNED Insurance’s data entry service business insurance, you can keep your business protected against lawsuits and third-party claims. You can also protect your business against damages to your equipment and property.

What Does Data Entry Service Business Insurance Include?

Cyber Liability Insurance – when accessing sensitive client information and company intel, cyber liability insurance can protect your business against the loss that your client suffers if their or your information is leaked.

Commercial General Liability Insurance – protect your business against third-party claims of libel, slander, false advertising, property damage, and physical injuries. It also typically includes a product liability insurance policy.

Professional Liability Insurance – protects you against claims of error, negligence, omissions, or another failure to deliver promised data services because of the professional advice and/or services you provide to clients.

Commercial Property Insurance – protects your assets against damage in the event of a fire, vandalism, flood, or other natural accident beyond your control.

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