Corporate Insurance Coverage

You’ve poured your heart into your business, which means it deserves to be protected. Thankfully, that’s what corporate insurance coverage is for. ALIGNED can help you find comprehensive coverage to safeguard your business against financial loss from unexpected and/or undesirable events. 

Corporate Insurance Coverage
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What is corporate insurance coverage? 

Corporate insurance coverage protects businesses against the financial risks that come with their daily operations. Unexpected accidents happen all the time, but they can be costly without the right and best insurance. From third-party property damage to bodily injury to ransomware, there is a lot that can go wrong. With corporate insurance coverage, you can be protected against a wide range of risks based on our recommendations and your preferences.

What are the benefits of corporate insurance coverage? 

The main benefit of corporate insurance coverage is that your business will be covered in the event that a covered unforeseen incident arises. Incidents, from fires causing property damage to defamation lawsuits, can be costly. They can even lead to financial ruin or bankruptcy if you’re not careful. But with corporate insurance coverage, your insurance provider will help cover the costs, should a problem arise. 

Who needs corporate insurance coverage? 

Any actively operating business requires corporate insurance coverage. No matter the size of your business or the industry, your company will benefit from corporate insurance coverage. Unforeseen events happen to every business. Don’t let one incident affect the financial health of your business. Purchase corporate insurance coverage instead.

What does corporate insurance cover? 

Corporate insurance policies range from business to business. Policies are determined by each business’ unique needs, as well as the coverage amounts they wish to purchase. The following coverage types are typically available to businesses as part of their corporate insurance coverage: 

  • Business property insurance: This protects your business premises and their contents from insured perils like fires, floods, and earthquakes.
  • Commercial general liability insurance: Known as slip-and-fall insurance, this coverage will protect your business if you are found liable for third-party property damage or bodily injury. Commercial general liability insurance also typically covers product liability claims and a number of other common corporate risks.
  • Cyber liability insurance: This protects your business should any information or data be lost, stolen, or shared by accident or if you business is crippled due to a cryptolock/ransomware incident.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance: This protects any vehicles owned by your business and used for business purposes.  

What does corporate insurance not cover?

The coverage not included in your corporate insurance policy depends on the policy you choose. However, generally speaking, you can also expect your corporate insurance policy not to include coverage relating to poor business decisions, changes in the economic environment or market you are operating in, cost guarantees etc. 

How much does corporate insurance coverage cost?

Again, this depends on the policy and coverage limits you choose, in addition to several other factors. An insurance provider will likely calculate your premium based on your business’ claims history, the location of your business, the number of employees, the number of years in business, and your business’ annual and projected gross revenue etc.  To receive an accurate quote on your corporate insurance coverage, contact ALIGNED today. 

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