Corporate Financial Consulting Insurance

Corporate Financial Consulting Insurance

As a corporate financial consultant, your service is all about finding ways to help businesses deliver more value to shareholders through improved financial health and professional services. On any given day, your typical clients might be needing you to assess economic conditions or you could be advising a CEO on what they need to do to lower supply chain costs. But any time you start digging into a company’s finances, you’re in a high-stakes situation. That’s why it’s essential that you as a financial services advisor work with a financial planning insurance expert find a corporate financial consulting insurance plan that makes sense for you and your advisory business.

Here Are 3 Insurance Options That Corporate Financial Consultants May Want to Consider

Corporate Financial Consulting Insurance
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1. Professional Liability Insurance

Any time you’re doing a deep dive on a corporation’s operations, it comes with the strong understanding that errors in a financial consultation can have multimillion-dollar consequences for your clients.

If an unhappy client sues, they won’t hesitate to ask their high-powered corporate lawyers and banks to make their case. And to protect yourself from unforeseen events and your reputation, you’ll want to have equally skilled and experienced legal counsel on your side of the table.

Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance, may help you cover defense and judgment costs if a risk-averse client sues you over allegations of negligence or claims that your services weren’t rendered as expected.

2. Commercial General Liability

When you work out of an office, you can never predict when a client or a business partner could slip and fall and have a major health event. Commercial general liability coverage covers situations from third-party injuries or property damage while on your property.

However, what’s interesting about commercial general liability is that it’s not just “slip and fall insurance”. It can also cover advertising-related disputes or also known as “advertising injuries”.

3. Cyber Liability Insurance

With cyber hacking becoming increasingly common along with cyber extortion schemes, cyber liability insurance technology may be necessary for corporate financial consultants who keep confidential client information online or stored in the cloud.

In addition, if a system failure or a computer crash results in lost code, financial products, or deleted policies on your side, this insurance type might be able to compensate you for your losses. Your ALIGNED broker will be able to explain your cyber liability insurance and risk management options to you in-depth.

Work With an ALIGNED Broker for Your Corporate Financial Consulting Insurance Needs

In your line of work as a corporate financial consultant, you’re dealing with cash flows, financial markets as well as ambitious firm executives and stakeholders all the time. And when you’re spending that much time dealing with high-powered people from commercial banks, it just makes sense to have an equally high-powered insurance company. Here at ALIGNED, our brokers have the professional connections needed to help you secure the insurance coverage strategy you need. To have a competitive advantage in case of any incidents. 

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