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Commercial Real Estate Insurance

Commercial Real Estate Insurance
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Whether you’re a business considering insurance options to cover your business property and assets; a commercial real estate broker or agent looking for liability and business loss protection; a commercial real estate developer or a property management firm or landlord who needs to insure your business operations, we’ll get you ALIGNED with comprehensive commercial real estate insurance that’s customized to address your business’s specific risks. 

Commercial Real Estate Insurance for your Business Property and Assets

Commercial Real Estate Insurance
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Also known as Commercial Property Insurance, this coverage provides protection that every business needs. From home-based businesses to large, multinational corporations, protecting your land, buildings, leased or owned offices and the contents within from perils such as:

  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Sewage backups
  • Wind and ice storms
  • Theft and vandalism

can be the difference between an unfortunate incident and a complete disaster. Considering the costs to repair or replace:

  • Buildings and structures
  • Upgrades and renovations made to leased properties
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Computers, mobile devices and office equipment
  • Inventory and office supplies
  • Signage, fencing and landscaping

leaving your commercial property unprotected or under-protected is too risky. Especially when the cost of your coverage for business is based on the value of your assets and our advocates are here to ensure that you don’t pay too much for that coverage and that you’re neither under- nor over-insured. Depending on your business needs, we also provide Business Interruption Coverage and Extra Expense Insurance solutions. 

Commercial Real Estate Insurance for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

As a commercial real estate agent or broker, your clients depend on your advice and service to protect them and their investment capital. Commercial Real Estate Insurance for Brokers can provide you with the liability coverage you need in case your advice or services are blamed for client losses and that client pursues litigation. Additional coverages commercial real estate agents and brokers need include Business Property Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, Cyber Liability & Privacy Insurance, and others. Visit our Commercial Real Estate Insurance for Brokers page for more information. 

Commercial Real Estate Insurance for Real Estate Developers

Finding, surveying and developing land for real estate development is, has been and will continue to be a growing industry in Canada. But with those opportunities come risks of:

  • personal injuries to the public
  • property damage to adjacent and neighbouring properties during construction
  • damage caused by natural disasters and vandalism to your properties under development
  • theft of equipment, machines and building materials
  • mistakes made by engineers, architects, contractors and other professionals in your real estate development firm

Some of the coverages we provide for real estate developers include:

We also provide a full selection of construction bonds.

Commercial Real Estate Insurance for Property Management Firms and Landlords

If you provide property management service , you owe a duty of care to the tenants, the general public and your property owner clients. Some of the risks that come with providing property management services to commercial real estate property owners include:

  • Loss of rental income
  • Allegations of loss of property value due to negligent services and/or maintenance
  • Injuries to tenants and guests
  • Damage to your property and other properties caused by your tenants

Our commercial real estate insurance plans for landlords and property management firms are specifically designed to protect you from those risks and more. If you rent out a property on Airbnb or another platform check out our page on Airbnb Insurance – Why You Need It As A Host.

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