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Catering Insurance

Whether you are a business owner who has a catering service, run a catering business from your home, or are a professional catering company with decades of experience catering events and a massive client list, a simple mistake that goes unnoticed can land your catering company in hot water.

At ALIGNED, our exclusive focus on business insurance enables us to expertly protect your catering and events company. We tailor your catering insurance policy to meet your unique needs, ensuring timely and responsive protection at rates you can afford.

Common Risks Faced By Catering Businesses

Catering Company Insurance
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The following scenarios represent risks that are common in the catering business:

  • Accidentally serving spoiled food that causes several guests at a wedding to become ill or one guest at an event you catered claims, they got sick because of your food and sues your catering company.
  • While catering an event in a client’s home, one of your staff accidentally knocks over an antique vase worth thousands of dollars.
  • One of your staff spills water on the floor and a guest slips, falls, and breaks their hip at a private party.
  • Despite the signage you put out by the hot trays, a guest touches the hot catering equipment and burns their fingers.

Commercial General Liability Insurance as part of your comprehensive catering insurance coverage can protect you from personal injuries, property damage, false advertising claims, and accusations of libel or slander by providing you with coverage for:

  • Liability and/or Medical expenses for third-party bodily injury
  • Costs to repair or replace damaged property 
  • Lawyer’s legal fees and defense costs
  • Out-of-court settlements 
  • Awards for damages and judgments against your catering company

It’s important to remember that catering companies who serve food to dozens, if not hundreds of people at a time, a guest, disgruntled client, or even a competitor can file a false claim against you, forcing you to hire a lawyer to go to court and defend the lawsuit to clear your name.

Our CGL insurance policies can also include extensions for:

  • Product liability insurance coverage protects you from liability for the food you serve.
  • Liquor liability coverage to protect your catering company from the actions of an intoxicated guest and medical-related expenses.
  • Tenant legal liability coverage in case your catering company causes damage to a rented property due to a kitchen fire, for example.

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