Car Workshop Insurance

Car workshops in Canada require comprehensive insurance policies to protect themselves from risk. That’s where car workshop insurance comes in. Whether you own and operate an auto body garage, car dealership, or car wash, ALIGNED’s team of insurance experts can help you find a customized, flexible policy that suits your auto business. 

Car Workshop Insurance
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What is car workshop insurance? 

Car workshop insurance aims to protect auto body businesses, owners, and their employees from risks, such as third-party bodily injury and property damage claims. Specifically, car workshop insurance is designed to protect the auto body and collision repair shops in the event that a customer’s vehicle is damaged in their care or their injure someone while testing a vehicle following repairs. Depending on the coverage you choose, your car workshop insurance policy can also protect your physical against vandalism, theft, fire, floods, and more if property insurance is purchased as part of your package. 

Is car workshop insurance worth it? 

Yes, car workshop insurance is worth it for any business in the auto industry. Whether you own a gas station, car dealership, or auto body shop, chances are customers rely on you for services related to their vehicles. If something goes wrong, whether a fire starts in your repair shop overnight, damaging the cars inside it, or an employee makes a mistake that damages the engine in a customer’s car, you could be held liable. The cost of medical expenses following bodily injury, repairs for damages to cars or structures, or legal fees related to lawsuits could lead to financial ruin. Given the high value of vehicles and the inherent risks that come with operating car workshops, insurance is a must. 

How does car workshop insurance work?

Car workshop insurance works like most other insurance policies in that when you purchase a policy, you will be protected from a specific list of incidents up to the coverage limit. When buying any type of insurance, it’s important to read the policy carefully so you understand the exact coverage included. If you need help finding a policy that’s right for your Canadian car workshop, contact ALIGNED today. 

What does car workshop insurance cover?

Car workshop insurance coverage varies depending on the policy you choose. But typically, the following types of coverage will be available: 

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