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Landlord Insurance in Canada

Landlord Insurance in Canada
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Landlord Insurance in Canada

You’ve heard stories of nightmare tenants, and as a landlord you want to feel safe knowing your property is protected. Landlord insurance in Canada is accessible for all Canadian landlords, and it’s the most important step in making you feel confident that your property investment can thrive. While some landlords struggle with their tenants and the damages or liability concerns they may cause, there’s a simple solution to these common problems that landlords in Canada are facing.

Property insurance is a great starting place in making sure your business as a landlord can be profitable due to a lower risk of expensive damages. As a landlord in Canada, liability insurance is also a key factor in avoiding costly liability lawsuits. You want to feel safe knowing that if something unexpected happens on your property, your insurance plan is there to cover you so you don’t incur costly damages. Remaining profitable as a landlord in Canada is reliant on avoiding costs from property damage and personal liability. When you think about the tenants occupying your property, you want the piece of mind knowing you have the best insurance for the type of property you own, and the type of tenants you rent or lease to.

Don’t be fooled by the horror stories of bad tenants creating damage to property and disrupting their landlord’s revenue. There is a simple solution to mitigating possible damages in order to continue to make money from your rental or commercial property. There are many types of landlord insurance in Canada and you can count on ALIGNED Insurance to find the best landlord insurance quote for you.

Types of Landlord Insurance in Canada

Building Insurance for Landlords

Just as you will always want home insurance for fire, flood and other damages, you’ll want your rental or commercial property to have the same protections. As a landlord, you don’t want to have to stress about property damage every time there’s a power outage or storm. ALIGNED insurance will account for the specific type of property you own to make sure that your insurance coverage meets all of your needs.

Furniture and Contents Insurance

If you have a furnished rental, you know that your tenants don’t care for your belonging the same way you would. Insuring these items could save you thousands. If you have concerns about tenants causing damage to the furniture and fixtures on your property, contents insurance is the perfect way to set your mind at ease.

Income Protection

If there’s a problem with your property and your tenants must leave, you don’t want the loss of rental income to be another headache to deal with as you fix the problem with your property. Protecting your income will help you mitigate losses as you deal with other potential problems. As a landlord in Canada, you want to be sure that one disruption on your property does not lead to further income loss.

Liability Insurance

As a landlord you are liable, not only for personal injury that may occur on your property, but also damage to the property of others. If a visitor to your property incurs damage to their personal belongings, you may still be liable. This type of insurance protects you against the unknown risk. You no longer have to fear a potentially costly lawsuit for circumstances that may not have been in your control. ALIGNED Insurance can help you find the insurance plan that fits the needs of your property by filtering through insurance option from some of the 65+ top Canadian insurance companies. You have the option to protect yourself against situations you can expect, but also the ones you can’t.

Tenant Referencing for Landlords

You want to know that you’ve chosen the right tenant for your rental property. By choosing the right tenant, complete with a BackCheck reference, you can rest easy knowing your property is in good hands. When searching for tenants, you know that good tenants cause less problems, and allow you to step away from your property with confidence. Tenant referencing is a proactive measure that can save you time and money in the future. If you have the right tenant in your rental or commercial property, you know your business as a landlord is secure.

With so many options for insurance coverage for landlords in Canada, it’s important to feel confident that your insurance package was built for your specific property and needs. With help from ALIGNED Insurance you can customize your insurance needs so that you can be covered for any damages or liability concerns that may occur on your property. As a landlord, you want to be able to work less, and make more money. You can do that by choosing the right tenants and protecting your property against expected and unexpected risks. Choosing your insurance plan wisely can allow you the protection to know that your investment will continue to thrive.

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