Canadian White Van Insurance Coverage

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Canadian White Van Insurance Coverage

Parked in the driveway of countless hardworking Canadians is a van.  Not a mini van, but a full sized van like a Ford E-250 or Ford E-350 or similar model that may or may not have a logo on the side, be painted in company colours, have wrap on it etc.  Regardless of the make, model, colour, year etc. vans are more than just commercial vehicles, they are a way tradesmen across Canada provide themselves and their families which is why we offer ALIGNED Insurance brokers proudly offer Canadian white van insurance coverage.

Who Is Canadian White Van Insurance Coverage For?

Canadian white van insurance coverage is specifically designed to be:

  • Insurance for Tradesmen
  • Insurance for HVAC professionals
  • Insurance for plumbers
  • Insurance for carpenters
  • Insurance for painters
  • Insurance for contractors
  • Insurance for pipe-fitters
  • Insurance for electricians

What Does What Is Canadian White Van Insurance Coverage Include? 

Canadian white van insurance coverage not only provides commercial auto insurance for one or hundreds of service vehicles as part of  commercial fleet which an individual or organization can own.  It can also include business insurance coverages like commercial general liability which protects you from liability resulting from bodily injury or property damage caused whiles working to third parties.  It can also include commercial property insurance coverage to cover machinery, equipment supplies and/or tools that are kept at a shop, in a job box, at a site and/or in your commercial vehicle.

Why Should I Choose Canadian White Van Insurance Coverage?

Canadian white van insurance coverage is made available by the insurance brokerage ALIGNED Insurance and is handled by their expert team of commercial insurance brokers who have a team of commercial insurance experts that specialize in Canadian white insurance coverage.  Our Canadian white vane insurance coverage is also made available through the largest and most reputable business insurance providers including Aviva, Economical, Unica, Travelers, RSA & Intact at marketing leading prices.

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