ALIGNMENT Matters [issue 8]

ALIGNMENT Matters [issue 8]

Given the busy nature and hectic speed of our lives, I appreciate the desire for things to be simple and easy. I also appreciate that marketers are aware of this desire and constantly try to packageins and sell simplicity – or the appearance of it – to us across all industries.

Regrettably, more and more frequently, business insurance is presented as being simplistic and easy, despite the fact that a policy is a complicated 50 to 100+ page legal contract. Each and every insurance policy contains complex definitions, conditions, obligations, exclusions, etc., all of which have dramatic impacts on the insured.

This “simplicity” trend is particularly concerning in the area of business insurance. Unfortunately, first-time purchases and renewals are increasingly being treated as “simple” transactions rather than important business decisions that are based on value, information and education.

As a fellow business owner and person who also longs for simplicity, I would encourage you to resist the alluring draw of simplicity when it comes to business insurance. By choosing to work with highly trained insurance experts such as our ALIGNED Insurance advocates, you will work with people who exclusively help protect more than 1,000 Canadian businesses like yours.

If you are not ready to connect with an ALIGNED advocate, I encourage you to take a few moments to read some of the business insurance information below.

We are focused on helping people make informed and educated decisions about business insurance and risk management. Keeping current on various complex insurance products is just one way we work to help make things easier.


Andrew Clark, MBA, CAIB, RF, FCIP, RPLU
President & CEO

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