ALIGNMENT Matters issue 15

Why Being Different Matters

Prioritizing what will provide the greatest ROTS – return on time spent can be tough. With many competing priorities, this is personally something I struggle with and, despite my best intentions to optimize everything in our business, I’ve noticed that my desire to regularly re-assess suppliers and objectively measure what makes one different and/or better than their competitors is a task that doesn’t get done.

I suspect that my challenge with prioritization is not unique so it’s no wonder that we still encounter a reluctance from some prospects to take the time to explore how working with ALIGNED could benefit them. In addition to time constraints, there’s a perception that it will take a lot of energy and effort to fully understand and evaluate complex insurance options. As a result “business as usual” wins out and many organizations miss out on the opportunity to receive better insurance products, service and often lower pricing too.

Given the above, we’ve built our brokerage so that how we are different, and better, can be quickly and easily understood. This is why our 18 Points of Differentiation directly and publicly state the explicit benefits of working with ALIGNED.

> Scroll down to learn how backdated liability insurance can help after a loss in ALIGNMENT Matters issue 15. 

Our model, beliefs and values stand out – and Canadian business leaders are taking noteas evidenced by our rapid growth. In fact, we also regularly receive encouraging feedback from clients, industry peers and even competitors such as the following unsolicited message that we felt compelled to share:

“Hello Aligned Team! I have just poured over your website and absolutely love your brokerage model, your strategies that make you different, and your story behind it all. As a fellow broker who works for one “of the other guys” that is owned by an insurance company, and who’s role does pass the client to another to service after the sale is done, I love what you are doing here. Kudos for stepping out and choosing to do it differently!”

We strive to deliver truly insightful content. Most of all, we help you better manage risk and select the best insurance brokerage for your organization.

Also, as part of commitment to continuously improve our client’s overall experience, we recently expanded our payment options to help make paying premiums even more convenient for our clients. To learn more about how we can help you align with better business insurance, call us toll-free at 1-866-287-0448 or follow @ALIGNEDonRisk.

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Andrew Clark, MBA, CAIB, RF, FCIP, RPLU
President & CEO
ALIGNED Insurance Inc.

ALIGNMENT Matters issue 15

  • [coverage] How backdated liability can help after a loss.  Are you aware coverage can be secured for claims after a loss event? Backdated liability coverage can be an option when a claim amount is extremely uncertain and/or long delays in payment may result. While this coverage isn’t readily available in the Canadian marketplace, on a case-by-case basis… READ MORE
  • [liability] If you give professional advice, you are at risk.  Architects, accountants, engineers, lawyers, IT professionals and investment advisors take note. If you make educated recommendations, design solutions, give advice or represent the needs of others, E&O coverage will… READ MORE
  • [coverage] First dollar defense and your business.  Commonly found in CGL and D&O policies, this product can help to significantly reduce the cost of a claim. According to IRMI, first dollar defense is, “a coverage feature of some liability policies in which retentions do not apply to defense costs, even if no indemnity payments are made in conjunction with a claim.” With first dollar defense in place, your company would not be required… READ MORE
  • [good causes] ALIGNED supports Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)
    We believe it is our corporate social responsibility to give generously and regularly. We support the great work charities and no-profits organizations do every day. Recognizing JDRF’s 40+ years of leading the global search to end type 1 diabetes, Daphne Parsons, Accounts Payable Manager… READ MORE
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