Marine Product Manufacturer Insurance

Marine Product Manufacturer Insurance – Liability Coverages Marine products can mean a whole host of products ranging from composites and component parts to entire marine vessels, tools and supplies for ship manufacturing and repairs and even accessories like boat bedding and speakers. Regardless of your role as a marine product manufacturer, there are risks that […]

Court Surety Bond

court surety bond

Court Surety Bond As the name implies, a court surety bond is a bond required by the court as you will be fulfilling legal obligations on behalf of someone else. But what is a surety bond, who needs one and why? Below you’ll find information on what a court surety bond is, when you need […]

Boat Manufacturer Insurance

boat manufacturer insurance

Manufacturing boats means planning, designing, finding suppliers for parts and materials, keeping your staff and boatyard safe, test runs and so much more. Don’t let a single mistake or malicious act sink everything you’ve worked so hard to accomplish with time. ALIGN your boatyard with a brokerage in Canada that will build a boat manufacturer […]

Wrongful Act Liability Insurance

Wrongful Act Liability Insurance

Wrongful Act Liability Insurance “Wrongful acts” can refer to the acts done by professionals in various capacities and wrongful act liability insurance can come in the form of various insurance policies including Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance, Errors and Omissions / Professional Liability (E&O) insurance and Employment Practices Liability (EPL) insurance. While a wrongful act […]

Concrete Company Insurance

concrete company insurance

From the bidding process to the finished work, there are a lot of steps on the way to building structures in Canada, including the structure of your concrete company. Whether you are a concrete contractor or subcontractor, you need to protect yourself during all of those steps. Concrete work is messy and so is costly […]

Masonry Business Insurance

Liability Protection and Masonry Business Insurance Masonry, stonework, or bricklaying, however, you refer to your work and regardless of your area of expertise, your masonry business bears a heavy load of risk and responsibility. Only the right masonry business insurance can protect you in case of injuries or property damage. And with clients expecting your […]

Automation Company Insurance

The 3 Types of Automation Company Insurance That Business Owners May Wish to Consider Depending on the circles you hang out in, automation is a hot topic for businesses that are seeking efficiency and results. As a company that specializes in delivering automation, you’re the business that helps other businesses become more efficient.  However, any […]

Tourism Business Insurance

The 3 Types of Tourism Company Insurance That You May Wish to Consider Whether you offer kayaking, ziplines, or guided tours, there’s one thing that all tourism industry operators have in common: They get to have a lot of fun on the job! But as the owner of a travel and tours business, however, even […]

Building Material Supplier Insurance

The 3 Types of Building Material Supplier Insurance Coverage Types That You May Wish to Consider Running a building materials business is a lot of work.  When you’re not following up with inventory and vetting new product building materials suppliers, you’re managing customer expectations and dealing with staff. Most of the time, these transactions are […]

Material Handling Equipment Supplier Insurance

What are the 3 Types of Material Handling Equipment Supplier Insurance That You May Want to Consider? As a material handling equipment supplier you’re not just another company. You’re the business that other industrial establishments rely on to manage their manufacturing processes, help move their goods from point A to point B and ultimately get […]

Paper Distributor Company Insurance

Paper Distributor Company Insurance As the decision-maker of a paper product distributor business, it goes without saying that you have a lot on your plate. For starters, you’re distributing a product that’s used in offices, schools, and homes throughout the country. And when you’re not attending to the day-to-day logistics involved with sourcing inventory and […]

Intact Entertainment Insurance Solutions

Intact Entertainment Insurance Solutions - ALIGNED Insurance brokers

If entertaining is your gig, you need insurance that keeps you rolling Prime time. Filmmakers and documentarians have never had so many options now that content can reach anyone at any time. And with countless ways to access entertainment, demand for filmed content is only increasing. Around the world, PwC’s recent Global Entertainment & Media […]

Graphic Design Company Insurance

Graphic Designer Insurance

Graphic design insurance Your clients rely on your designs to help them convey their brand identity and key messaging while reaching their customers on an emotional level to influence their decisions. And often before you can start designing a website, logo, brochure and other marketing materials, you often have to help your clients discover what […]

What You Should Know About Rehab Clinic Insurance

Risks Facing Rehabilitation Clinics When providing rehabilitative treatment, your rehabilitation clinic faces a higher potential for patient injuries than most because of your patients’ pre-existing conditions. And with increasing pressure to treat more patients, your liability risks increase as well. Rehab clinic insurance can protect you and your health clinic from both liability and loss exposures […]

Health and Wellness Clinic Insurance

Health and Wellness Clinic Insurance Helping your clients look and feel their best can be rewarding work. But like any profession, it’s not without its stressful days. Protecting your health and wellness clinic with the right insurance coverage can relieve you of some of that stress and the worry that a single mistake could ruin […]