What You Should Know About Farm Insurance

Farm and Farmers Insurance Canada Despite the 2016 Census of Agriculture showing a 5.9% decrease in the number of farms from the previous census in 2011 the average area per farm has increased, growing from 779 acres in 2011 to an average of 820 acres in 2016 and farmers are increasingly incorporating and it’s estimated that 1 […]

E-news | Helping Small Business Forge Ahead

Small business 101 | How e-commerce insurance can help Growing your business with Shopify, Amazon, ebay, Etsy or Wayfair. Using Salesforce to target your clients? Delivering products with UberEats or Instacart? Building brand awareness with Zoom calls. Using Buffer, Hootsuite or Sprout Social to grow your social relationships? Keeping connected with remote employees via Slack? Creating your brand content using Canva or WordPress? Engaging potential customers on TikTok and Instagram?Whew! You’re likely not only a bit stretched thin, but you’re also […]

Hobby Farm Insurance

Perhaps you live on an acreage and have land to spare. Maybe you grew up farming and although you don’t farm full time, are feeling nostalgic. Or you could be one of the many Canadians who enjoy raising crops or livestock as a hobby. Whatever your motivation for running a hobby farm, there are risks […]

Get Insurance For My B&B In Canada

Get Insurance For My B&B in Canada - ALIGNED Insurance brokers

What to know about getting insurance for your B&B The quaint and quintessential B&B. For years, Canadians have sought out the hospitality of bed and breakfasts when they want a different experience than a high-rise or chain hotel. This is because at a bed & breakfast, people have the opportunity to forge a deeper connection […]

Farm Insurance in BC

Farm Insurance BC

Farming in British Columbia is as diverse as its agricultural regions. From Fraser Valley blueberries to cattle raising in Peace to agri-tourism businesses in the Vancouver Island region, BC is home to over 200 agricultural commodities. Thanks to its varying climates and landscapes, BC’s commercial farming industry provides local, national and international markets with necessities […]

Heavy Construction Company Insurance

Heavy Construction Company Insurance Budgets, cash flows, bonding and funding. Planning, politics, procurement, subcontractors, staffing issues, and supply chain logistics. Quality control, construction laws, weather, health & safety and, of course…the bidding process. Running a heavy construction business is challenging work but it’s work that’s vital to Canada’s physical and economic infrastructure. For this post […]

Insurance For Convenience Stores In Canada

Insurance For Convenience Stores In Canada

Convenience Store Insurance In Canada According to the Financial Post, it’s a tough time to own a convenience store. Competition pops up on every corner and stores rely on customer loyalty to stay in business. But at the same time, owning a convenience store has a lot of perks. You can be your own boss, […]

Farm Insurance in Alberta

Farm Insurance In Alberta Alberta’s agricultural and agri-food sector is more than just cattle. As far and away Canada’s leading producer of cattle and calf, it’s understandable that Alberta’s agricultural reputation skews in that direction. But Alberta also produces vast amounts of wheat, barley, canola and pulses to name just a few of the crops […]

How Does All Risks Insurance Work In Canada

How Does All Risks Insurance Work In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Want to know how all-risks insurance works in Canada? Have you heard the term “all risks insurance” and wonder if it really exists? Taken literally, “all risks” insurance sounds like it should do essentially that – cover all risks. That’s actually not the case. In fact, all risks coverage actually just describes the scope of […]

What Your Need to Know About Biotechnology Company Insurance

What Your Need to Know About Biotechnology Company Insurance The nature of biotechnology is to push the boundaries of innovation and imagination. Your work aims to provide solutions to many of the problems facing local and global communities including overpopulation, food insecurity, disease, climate change and more. As such, the work you do is inherently […]

Get Builders Risk Insurance Ontario

Get Builders Risk Insurance Ontario - ALIGNED Insurance brokers

Ontario biz | How to find solidly constructed builders risk insurance Well-built is what you aspire to deliver. It’s the same for us when it comes to finding you insurance coverage. In other words, we work hard to deliver builders risk insurance options as well as value to Ontario businesses. But getting the best coverage […]

Sewer Repair Contractor Insurance

Sewer Repair Contractor Insurance The importance of your work as a sewer repair contractor cannot be overstated.  Delivering clean water and manage water backups safely is an essential service Canadians can’t live without. Which is why your company needs sewer lines contractor insurance. Not only can it help keep your business protected, the right amount […]

Why You Need an Environmental Consultants Insurance Policy

Environmental Consultants

Environmental Consultants Insurance Environmental Consultants Insurance provides professional, general and pollution liability coverage for environmental consultants working in various niches. You may feel that as a consultant, your liability is low but we’ve seen time and again that consultants, like any other professionals, make oversights, errors and omissions. The difference is that with environmental consultations, those errors […]

Insurance For Shipments of Cannabis

Toronto Insurance Broker Shipments of Cannabis - ALIGNED Insurance brokers

Need to insure shipments of cannabis? Our Toronto insurance brokers can help From point a to point b. Across Canada and the world, cannabis is on the move. New cannabis retailers are popping up everywhere and with each new retailer, the need for shipments of cannabis is growing. With retailers now offering CBD, concentrates, edibles, […]

Insurance For Your Online Business In Canada

Insurance For Your Online Business In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance brokers

Small business 101 | Online risks? How e-commerce insurance can help About to pivot to 100% online? Growing your business with Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy or Wayfair? Using Salesforce to target your clients? Delivering products with UberEats or Instacart? Building brand awareness with Zoom calls? Using Buffer, Hootsuite or Sprout Social to grow your social relationships? Keeping […]