Craft Brewery Insurance Explained

craft brewery insurance

Craft Brewery Insurance Coverage Explained Craft Brewery Insurance Coverage Considerations  The number of breweries in Canada has grown to over 200 and specialized associations like the Brewers Association have formed to support this growing industry. Of the breweries currently in operation, 98 percent are considered regional craft brewers, microbreweries or brewpubs. Because of this trend, insurers […]

Commercial Property Fire Insurance Overview

Commercial Property Fire Insurance

Commercial Property Fire Insurance Losses as a result of a commercial property fire can be extremely costly. In addition to the costs associated with repairing the damages, there is also a good chance that you may suffer loss or revenue due to impaired operations. To avoid potential expenses related to commercial property fires, it is important […]

E&O Liability Insurance Overview

E&O Liability Insurance Overview

E&O Liability Insurance Overview E&O liability insurance protects business owner’s from lawsuits alleging  a negligent act(s), error(s) or omission(s) related to a service received by a client for a fee. You can protect your business, assets and reputation, by investing in E&O liability insurance coverage, also known as Professional Liability Insurance and or Errors and […]

Employment Practices Insurance Explained

employment practices insurance

Employment Practices Insurance Explained Employment law is complex and constantly evolving and from the moment that you start the pre-hiring process until the exit interview, you are vulnerable for an employment practices lawsuit. As a result, your business should take a hard look at whether it can afford to defend itself against alleged wrongful employment practices accusations. […]

Garage Keepers Insurance Demystified

garage keepers insurance

Garage Keepers Insurance Garage Keepers Insurance coverage is designed to offer protection for business owners who offer towing services, operate service stations or take care custody or control of someone else’s vehicle. This coverage protects customer vehicles while they are kept at the business location for parking, storage or to perform maintenance or services in […]

Management Liability Insurance Coverage Basics

management liability insurance

Management Liability Insurance Coverage Basics Management Liability Insurance Coverage is designed as a  safeguard from universal exposures that all businesses face. In addition to insuring your specific liabilities, you need to consider management liability coverages that will protect you from common exposures generated by everyday business decisions. For larger organizations, the diversity of management liability […]

Commercial Insurance Explained

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance Explained Commercial Insurance Def: Commercial insurance is a term for all types of insurance that provide protection from risks associated with operating a business. Commercial insurance is also often called business insurance or commercial lines insurance and all term are used to make a distinction between them and personal lines insurance, which cover personal […]

ALIGNED Nominated For The IBAO Innovation Award!

Innovation Award

ALIGNED Insurance was honoured to have been nominated for the 2014 IBAO Innovation Award! “The Insurance Broker Association of Ontario (IBAO) Awards of Excellence recognize our province’s top insurance professionals are pace setters. They defy the odds, they defy the impossible, they Get Ready For Tomorrow TODAY. We proudly celebrate the achievements of the Ontario broker community with the IBAO Awards of Excellence. If you’re […]

Supply Chain Insurance 101

Supply Chain Insurance

Supply Chain Insurance 101 Do you rely on one or more third-party suppliers to produce certain components used in your products? If you do, a disaster that interrupts your supplier’s regular business operations could have a devastating effect on your production abilities.  Not only could an interruption harm your own revenue, but it could also […]

Legal Expense Insurance 101

Legal Expense Insurance

Legal Expense Insurance 101 ABC Company was a DAS Legal Expense Insurance policyholder and a typical small business with no HR department. An employee was found to be looking at computer files that were confidential and beyond the scope of his authority and role. Unsure of how to proceed, the company used their Legal Expense Insurance […]

Inland Marine Insurance Explained

inland marine insurance

Inland Marine Insurance Canada This insurance policy was designed for ocean marine industry to protect against property losses before, during and after water transfers. Throughout time, the non-ocean marine part of the cargo journey developed, cargoes were transferred to barge, and thus, the term “inland marine insurance” was coined. The policy became known as “floaters” because the […]

Cloud Computing: Risk Considerations

cloud computing

Risk Management Considerations Around Cloud Computing The ongoing discussion surrounding Bill C-28 has caused Canadians to consider exactly what “privacy” entails. One issue that has come to the forefront is determining the safety of cloud computing. Cloud computing offers companies the ability to outsource applications, platforms and infrastructure. This can include (but is not limited […]

Canadian Commercial Property Insurance Simplified


Canadian Commercial Property Insurance Simplified Your livelihood is dependent on the survival of your business, so it is imperative that you protect it against any potential threat – big or small. For instance, a fire could destroy your business’s warehouse and the contents inside, or a burst frozen pipe could damage important documents and valuable […]

Risk Management Strategies For Your Business

risk management strategies

Risk Management Strategies For Your Business Risk management is the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks and the subsequent coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor and control the probability and impact of losses. Effective risk management strategies create value and should be an integral part of every business decision-making process and are best […]

Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance 101

Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance 101

Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance 101 It’s good news, bad news situation. The bad news: Lawsuits, once a measure of last resort, are now commonplace in settling disputes. The good news? You can protect yourself, and your business and reputation, by investing in Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance, also known as E&O or Professional Liability or Professional […]