Legal Expense Insurance 101

Legal Expense Insurance 101

ABC Company was a DAS Legal Expense Insurance policyholder and a typical small business with no HR department. An employee was found to be looking at computer files that were confidential and beyond the scope of his authority and role. Unsure of how to proceed, the company used their Legal Expense Insurance and called DAS Legal Advice Helpline for guidance and was provided with assistance. Following the receipt of the advice, the company removed access to the files from the employee’s computer and gave him an appropriate warning.

Sometime later, it was found that the employee had restored access to the files and was still looking at them. ABC Company dismissed the employee. The employee claimed wrongful dismissal alleging that proper warnings had not been provided nor had proper disciplinary steps been followed. ABC Company again used their Legal Expense Insurance and contacted DAS, who assessed the claim and concluded it appeared that all proper steps had been followed in dealing with the employee. The matter was referred to defence counsel who entered into negotiations with the dismissed employee’s lawyer and resolved the case in the company’s favour. Legal Expense Insurance paid all the legal fees and provided the initial advice regarding proper disciplinary actions.

A Legal Expense Insurance policy provides your business with practical advice and priceless peace of mind.

As a business owner that purchases Legal Expense Insurance, you’ll receive:

  • Unlimited access to a Legal Advice Helpline to discuss any business related legal or tax matter
  • Cost coverage for all reasonable costs incurred in pursuing or defending a claim including: Lawyers’ fees
  • Disbursements such as medical reports, expert witness costs and court costs
  • Adverse costs in the event the judge finds in the other party’s favour

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