Risk Management Strategies For Your Business

Risk Management Strategies For Your Business

Risk management is the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks and the subsequent coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor and control the probability and impact of losses. Effective risk management strategies create value and should be an integral part of every business decision-making process and are best achieved with the support risk management professionals.

Risk Management Strategies Can Improve Your Bottom Line!
  • Good risk management strategies result in better pricing on insurance premiums
  • Effective risk management strategies reduce out-of-pocket costs like deductibles
  • Risk management strategies can produce a safe and stable environment for employees, volunteers and customers
  • Well thought out risk management strategies helps you understand and be prepared for risks before losses occur

4 Risk Management Strategies For Addressing An Identified Risk:

1. Risk Avoidance: Can you eliminate a service or activity considered too risky?

  • Eliminate activities that involve risk
  • Avoid creating activities that involve risk

2. Mitigation or Prevention: What steps can be taken to reduce the likelihood of losses if they occur?

  • Manage liability by structuring activities and programs in ways that reduce or limit institutional risk.

3. Risk Transfer: Can we transfer either the risk or financial consequences of a loss to another party?

  • Insurance policies
  • Indemnification agreements
  • Releases and waivers

4. Risk Retention: Accept the risk as it is –some risk is inherent in the activities of the operation.

  • Self-insurance
  • Deductibles
  • Deciding not to purchase an insurance policy for a specific exposure

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