Your Guide to Laser Tag Business Insurance

Running a laser tag gaming centre business is an experience unlike any other.

On the one hand, you have all of the usual responsibilities of a business owner in that you have to handle payroll, manage staff, and oversee inventory. But at the same time, your company might see more foot traffic in a day than some businesses might see in a month.

Laser tag businesses insurance can help you protect your company’s bottom line in the event of an accident or a sudden disaster.

The 3 Types of Insurance Laser Tag Businesses May Wish To Explore

Laser Tag Gaming Business Liability Insurance
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1. Commercial General Liability Insurance

As a laser tag gaming business, tripping and falling at the entrance are not the only risks that your customers are up against. 

On any given weekend, you could have dozens, or even hundreds, of kids and adults running around with laser guns while navigating darkened rooms. If your laser tag facility uses flashing lights or colored lights, the odds of someone becoming disoriented go up even higher.

Commercial general liability insurance is known for its ability to cover bodily harm, property damage and equipment, and legal cost that’s suffered by a third party at your place of business. This is why it’s a general liability insurance type that makes a lot of sense for laser tag companies to have.

2. Property Insurance

Any time you operate out of a physical brick and mortar building, there’s an opportunity for your laser tag facility and equipment to sustain damage in totally unexpected ways.

There could be a fire that burns the walls and equipment and leaves behind devastating amounts of smoke damage. A driver could hit an icy patch during the winter and accidentally put a hole in your building property. 

In the aftermath of a devastating disaster like that, it can be difficult for a business to raise the funds it needs for major property repairs on short notice. To that end, property insurance can cover renovation cost and can provide compensation against insured perils.

3. Business Interruption Insurance

There may be times when a fire or a flood does so much damage laser tag facilities that you’re not able to keep your doors open while repairs are being made due to a fire, water damage etc..

Even so, bills and expenses don’t stop coming.

Business interruption insurance coverages can give you compensation for your loss of income in the event that you’re unable to function as a result of an insured peril. 

4. Commercial Auto/Vehicle Insurance

This is for vehicle used in the course of business. Personal auto insurance will not cover you for an accident that occurred when a vehicle was being used for work purposes. 

Why You Should Consider Hiring an Insurance Broker For Your Laser Tag Liability Business Insurance Needs

Believe it or not, there are high risks involved with your business liability insurance choices.

If you choose the right liability insurance, your business is suddenly in a position where it can receive timely coverage right when you need it. If you pick the wrong kind of coverage, however, you could be leaving yourself open to different liability exposures without realizing it.

Working with insurance companies who has connections to insurance providers can help you receive the coverage you need at the best rates available.

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