UAV Insurance For Your Business

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), also commonly referred to as drones or unmanned aerial systems (UAS), are starting to take flight. Across a wide range of industries, UAVs or drones offer many potential tactical advantages for commercial application such as:

  • Monitoring progress on construction sites
  • Performing high-risk tasks in hard-to-reach places
  • Delivering packages directly to customers
  • Conducting aerial surveys of crops, oil rigs and real estate
  • Fighting wildfires as well as supporting search and rescue operations

As businesses look to deploy UAVs to monitor and support their operations in new and innovative ways, questions about safety, privacy and risk are quickly adding up. Around the world, governments are examining UAV regulations as drones add new and uncharted levels of risk to the overall safe use of commercial airspace.

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With little or no data upon which to base projections on, just a few of the risks insurers are looking at include:

  • UAV operator training education
  • Standard Operating Procedures and maintenance
  • Environmental hazards and privacy issues

How UAV Insurance Manages Risks Associated With Operating Drones

Global Aerospace, a leading provider of aerospace insurance, notes that, “Most general commercial insurance policies exclude aviation exposures, including those for drone operators, manufacturers, dealers or service providers. Aviation is a litigious environment.

Drone operators may not consider what they are doing to be dangerous (some don’t even consider it to be aviation) but operators of UAVs could be exposed to legal action if damage is sustained to property or injury to persons.”1

We Can Help ALIGN Your Business With UAV Insurance

Across Canada, our insurance advocates understand the fundamentals of UAV insurance. From legal liability coverage for UAV operators to personal injury, premises liability and non-owned coverage to product liability for UAV manufacturers or service providers, we can help you navigate the many new coverage options and protect your bottom line.

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