Steel Distributor Insurance

Sturdy metals like steel are becoming an increasingly popular choice for building homes, buildings, and other structures. Steel distributor companies rely on specialized equipment and processes to provide the products and services that their customers rely on. During daily operations, steel distributors are faced with unique challenges to ensure their business operates safely to avoid financial loss and third-party liability claims. However, accidents can still happen that leave your steel distribution business at risk of financial loss.

At ALIGNED, we specialize in robust commercial insurance products for all companies in various industries. We offer comprehensive steel distributor insurance to help your business stay protected against operational risks that could result in costly repercussions and damages.

Why is Steel Distributor Insurance important?

Steel Distributor Insurance
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Steel distributors have a unique duty to their clients and the public. Their products are used in large buildings, bridges, factories, warehouses, schools, and more. Not only do they have to ensure they are providing safe and sturdy steel to their customers, but they also have to ensure the safety of their property and customers throughout the process.

Some of the risks that a steel distributor could face include:

  • A customer is injured while on your premises while in your warehouse.
  • You sell a piece of steel that’s damaged or faulty which causes the customer to suffer an injury or property damage.
  • Your warehouse or distribution center is damaged in unexpected peril.
  • Your website is hacked.

With comprehensive steel distributor insurance from ALIGNED, you can protect your business against these risks, and many more as well as potential financial loss.

What does Steel Distributor Insurance cover?

Commercial General Liability Insurance – Also called CGL insurance, commercial general liability insurance provides coverage for injuries and property damages occurring to a third party during your business operations. For example, if a customer is injured on your premises, you can be covered for lawsuits, losses, and medical expenses.

Product Liability Insurance – There are risks associated with the steel products your customers buy from your distributor business. Product liability insurance provides protection against injuries, illnesses, and property damages that your customer suffers as a result of your products.

Cargo Insurance – When moving goods from a warehouse to their destination, inevitably, there is a marine risk. Cargo insurance can protect your cargo when there’s physical loss or damage, supply chain disruptions, professional liability, stock throughput risks, and more.

Commercial Fleet Insurance – Operating a commercial fleet requires fleet insurance to protect the vehicles and your organization.

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